Tuesday, January 02, 2007

People I Would Like To Buy A Beer, part 17

Clark Gable.

Do you want to score some points with your lady-friend? Or at least just score? Call on the master, Clark Gable. His handsome scallywag ways and his unmistakable voice will put her in the mood more than any amount of incense and candles ever could. Don’t start with “Gone with the Wind”, sure, it is his most recognizable role, but no woman is willing to sit through Atlanta burning and four hours of Scarlet’s waffling and still find you sexy. No, start with “It Happened One Night”. This smooth talking star is going to put a good word in for you that all of your beer-drinking buddies put together never could. Follow it up with “San Francisco”, but steer clear of “The Misfits” with Marilyn Monroe. Sure it has ponies, but it is a depressing movie and won’t score you the points your after. If seeing San Francisco go up in flames doesn’t light your fire, try “It Started In Naples” with Sophia Loren (MEOW!). Someone sexy for the both of you.

With his trademark mustache, slicked back hair, and the delivery of a Vickers Machine gun, good ol’ Clark will set you on the path to points with the little woman, and he deserves a beer for it. His classic Hollywood machismo will set her motor in the neighborhood of “purr” and “here kitty kitty!”.

Trust me. Ol’ Doc won’t steer you wrong.

And when all is said and done, and the cigarettes are stubbed out, have a beer and remember the men who brought you there, Ol’ Doc and the “King of Hollywood”, William Clark Gable.


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  1. how did I miss this one?? Musta' been too wrapped up in meself to notice...

    ANYWAY, when you get there, make sure to flag me down to Gable's table so I can get in there widcha. Just by being 'round him maybe I can come off as charming and swave and score some chix!!


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