Saturday, March 10, 2007

First Outdoor Tiki Toast 2007


  1. these pix-- especially the ones that have yet to make it to SZ:tCoB-- make me realize I need some sort of community of fun folken to hang about with. Not a church group, not the Knights of Columbus, not my fellow teachers. Y'all had a MUCH better time drinkin' than *I* did by myself last nite...

  2. hey, what exactly WAS the toast? Was it a pithy Irish one like

    may you have warm words on a cold evening
    a full moon on a dark night
    and may ye roll downhill all the way to your door

    or was it more practical, like "don't get run over."

  3. If I remember correctly, it was along the lines of "Here's to Tiki, and to those that couldn't be with us", or something along those lines. It was simple, sappy, and appropriate.



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