Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The Revival of Silly Hat Night

I wrote a post recently that was bemoaning the fact that we no longer held “Silly Hat Night” at the Lodge anymore. It was sappy and silly, and went unpublished because of problems with Blogger. While The Grand Pooh-Bah and Markus were off on their “lost weekend, we got together at the Tiki and got to talking. I mentioned that I had written this article and explained how “Silly Hat Night” works.

I am a collector of hats. I have many silly hats. For “Silly Hat Night” you start with as many silly hats as you have people. Everyone puts one on, no exceptions, and wears it for an agreed on amount of time. When the time is up, you hand your hat to the person on your left, and put on the hat of the person on your right. No one is allowed to leave until everyone has gotten back the hat they started with. No exceptions. This sounds idiotic, but wow, is it fun. I have never held a “Silly Hat Night” when everyone didn’t thoroughly enjoy themselves, but it helps to have lots of beer.

Here are some photos:

This was such a hit I think we will be doing it again very soon. As a matter of fact, the black beret that Flannery is wearing in the second photo was so well liked by John that I felt obliged to gift him with it. When I spoke to him the next day he said, "I like it so much, I slept in it!" How is that for a recomendation for your own "Silly Hat Night".

More photos to follow.



  1. I love that sardonic lil' beatnik smile Flann is givin' Ms. E over the ciggy...

    I love it almost as much as the Deathtongue rocker face, which was my wallpaper o'er the weekend!!

  2. oh I can't wait to get home and save these to the hard drive.... BYOOTIFUL!!!!!!!

  3. The photo of Elizabeth is the best of the whole evening. That photo is worth the price of $20 for the hat, and another $20 for the beer, not to mention the price of the camera to capture this precious moment.

    My oldest (4 years to be exact) pointed out to Flannery that you could see her uvula. Guido saw the photo and said that here was a woman that he had to meet. "She has a huge tungue!" he said. Flannery bragged that she could touch her nose with it, and that she was a huge Gene Simmons fan.

    The second photo looks like some promo photo for a new show on Fox, "The Pirate and The P.I.". Note the "fierce" looks on the both of them. It is obvious that they both watch "America's Next Top Model". Thank you Tyra!


  4. No honey, Gene Simmons is a fan of MINE and yes, we do love our Tyra!

  5. We are FIERCE! Now hand us our berry-flavored beer and get out of our comfy chairs, BITCHES!


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