Tuesday, May 22, 2007

In Praise of All Things Canadian!

I have never understood why it Americans think it is funny to slag on our brothers to the north. There is no reason for it. We share a common language, well, except for the french thing. We share similiar ideologies. We share a common heritage. We both love french fries, even if the Canadians are far more civilized and put gravy on them.
So, with this in mind, let us celebrate all things Canadian!
1. They make outstanding beer.
2. The hunting and fishing is fantastic.
3. They are a freedom loving people.
4. Have you seen their chicks? Those girls are hot!
5. Peter Jennings, Alex Trebec, Micheal J. Fox.
6. Gravy on french fries, the most civilised thing I have ever heard of.
7. It was a great place for non-spanish speaking draft dodgers, and still is.
8. They have that cool bacon that looks like ham.
9. Moose, and lots of 'em.
10. They sired the smartest man I know:
Red Green. So lift your glasses high and sing with praise,"Oh Canada".
(lord, I wish I could move there....:sigh:....)


  1. You can move here Doc, it's whether we'll accept you. Okay, your list makes you worth it. Did you know that we also put cheese in with the fries and gravy for 'poutine'? Just saying. Looks gross, tastes great.

  2. There have been a few times in my life that I seriously thought about moving to Canada. If real estate wasn't so expensive up there, I'd probably be there now.

  3. That's one seriously pissed off beaver in that crest... And is that a NARWHAL to the right??

    I love Canada and my only regret being so far south is the chances of getting to Stratford, Toronto or Niagra Falls anytime soon is reeeal slim...

    Red Green... We need him for president!!

  4. Thanks for stopping by Dale. The time or two that I have made it to your fair land I had "poutine" at every place I stopped, but I'm not sure how to pronounce it. Is it "pow-teen" or "paw-tine" or "poo-ton", or something else? I don't want to sound like an ass when I order it, but no one ever seemed to say it the same way twice.

    As far as letting me in, I'm amazed I made it across the border the first time. If it wasn't for Flannery, I think the Mounties would still be doing the cavity search and asking how long I would be staying. But to their credit, I must say, they had a gentle touch. I still get christmas cards from some of them.

    No Dale, I am most certainly not the kind of person that should be let in, not even to see the falls from the other side. You most certainly don't need rabble-rousers like me. You have enough trouble paying for that free health care, and trying to come up with more of those wonderful "newfie" jokes. Besides, I could never get used to having a "loony" as a currency. I have enough trouble with having "loonies" as government representatives.

    Stop back any time and tell us more about the great beer you guys brew. We'd love to hear about it.


  5. B.O.- You'd be cheesed too if you needed your nails trimmed as bad as he does, and from the look of him, I think he could take the rampant lion at the top.


  6. another reason to be Canadian-- multicoloured money! You open yer wallet, you can tell right away what bills you got. PLUS they got them cool Loonies and Twoonies. It's EASY to play Spot the Loonie in Canada!!

  7. I have never slagged on Canadians. I admire my polite brothers and sisters to the north. For a while back in 2004 I think we considered moving there.

  8. It's poo-teen Doc, it's a French word. I'm off to grab a beer. And yep, I paid for it with our pretty Monopoly money.

  9. I too considered moving to Canada after falling in love with Toronto. And it would give me more opportunities to steal the Stanley Cup.

    More favorite Canadians:

    Joni Mitchell
    Neil Young
    Leonard Cohen
    The McGarrigle Sisters
    Ferguson Jenkins (great former Chicago Cubs pitcher)

    When I was a young guy, I was serving a table of Canadians, who all ordered burgers. When I brought ketchup, they guffawed, and said "American Gravy? No thanks!"

  10. "American Gravy"! HaHaHa! That is choice!

    I hate ketchup, or catsup, or however you spell it. Yuck!



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