Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Tired Husband

I'm so sick of cleaning. I can't keep up with the wife and two kids. They make a mess faster than I can clean it up.
I can't even climb into bed at night without finding half eaten food, chip and cracker crumbs, shoes, toys, dirty wet underware, and who knows whatelse.
I spend three days doing laundry and there is still 183 loads left.
I give up. We can just live in filth. When the kids go to college, I'll just burn the house down, claim the insurance, and start all over. Crap.


  1. Oh, please! I've been doing laundry all week and the dishes!

    We DO NOT live in filth.

  2. YOU may not but WE do and for the exact same reasons that ol' Puddles stated. I've given up the Will to Live when it comes to cleaning. We're doing the same thing you are only it's not waiting until the kids go to college, it's called "changing apartments."

  3. I shouldn't have put this up, but I feel like my life is just cleaning up the same dozen messes again and again. I was disheartened and discouraged. It won't happen again.


    P.S.- We don't live in filth.

  4. Living in filth has its advantages. It would keep me away from your house.

  5. tell flan that filth is an illusion.


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