Saturday, May 19, 2007

Out Like A Light...

I spoke with Madame Elizabeth a little earlier who told me that Flannery had passed out, so E and Doc were ditchin' Flann's ass in search of amusement elsewhere, so they're going on an adventure torching small villages and smoking all the locals' hashish...Flann'll be sorry she missed this one.


  1. Hey, we didn't ditch anybody. I called to see what they were doing and Doc said that Flannery was asleep and figured she was out for the night. He was antsy to get out of the house and was already out of the house (shopping at Walmart) when I called.

    We would never DITCH Flannery. Jeez.

  2. "out like a light" also implies the quickness at which you left her sleepin' ass behind.

    Which is exactly what I would've done, too, if I'd bean there.


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