Sunday, June 10, 2007

American Idol Yeah!

Never liked it, never will, and here is why. I don't want to be a part of the train wreck that is these peoples lives. Those who aren't good enough are subjected to huge amounts of humiliation, and those who are, are subjected to huge amounts of scrutiny, humiliation, and explotation.

I like rock music. Rockers don't win. I like the blues and soul. They don't win. Anyone who doesn't sound like the same divas the the music industry has been cranking out for the last twenty years don't win.

These F*ckers have been churning out ready-made has-beens for how many seasons now? And the part that galls me the most is the fact that in one show they make enough money to fund the war in Iraq AND Afganistan for a month (40+ billion dollars). More people vote for some shmoo who doesn't stand a chance in hell than vote in most presidential elections.

I want no part of it.

That is why on tuesdays I go to the Moose Lodge and drink cheap beer, and Wedsnesdays I go to the Tiki, just so I can avoid watching these people sell their mortal souls to the Devil, week after week. There is only just so many times you can see Mephistopholese take it in the ass.

Please don't tell my wife I wrote this.

She loves this stupid show and I need some harmony at home.



  1. When Flannery reads this you are SO fucked!

  2. Also, I will have you know that Kelly Clarkson does NOT sound like every other diva. That little darlin' is a Rock and Roll queen!

  3. Doc, If I were there, I'd walk arm 'round yer shoulders to the Lodge widcha. Right on.

    (we've got to figger out a system wherein our wives can't read our shit!!)

  4. There is no system you could design that I couldn't infiltrate and undermine.


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