Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The Tangled Webs We Weave: Part V

The bits and pieces I recall went a little something like this:

1. Chris's girlfriend was the first person who saw me when I came in. She told Chris and he came upstairs and I got the hug I've now come to expect.

2. Darius was there...thank God. Chris and his girlfriend would have been the only people I knew then if it weren't for Darius.

3. The Flats looks like a war zone.

4. I interviewed the bartender and the owner for my article on the smoking ban. The input they offered wasn't very good.

5. I started drinking.

6. I kept drinking.

7. Darius told me I am in charge of the food for Organ Grinder's next year and that he will get me a bigger budget to work with. He also said he will be passing the torch to Shana and within the next two years and he will need me to help her.

8. Chris wanted to go out to my car and smoke pot. He asked me several times if I was sure it was okay that Rachel came along.

9. I found out they have been together two years and Chris has a 14 year old son who he doesn't see, I don't know why yet.

10. The club-kids showed up. They know Chris and Rachel somehow; they're cute little raver-kids, about 20-24 years old, ten of them, still trying to figure out who they really are, but not way far off-base.

11. Chris kissed me.

12. Darius called me brilliant.

13. Gina showed up and her idiot boyfriend seemed to be acting allright for a change.

14. I've taken a strong liking to one of the club-kids. Her name is Missy and she's a cute little blonde thing, maybe 20-years-old. I said a few things that made her laugh, she was dancing like a goofball and made me laugh, and now we're friends and we keep pulling each other onto the dance floor.

15. I catch Chris staring at me and ask him what. He says, "Oh, nothing, I was just flirting with you." He told me to pay attention to what's going on around me.

16. I overheard Gina telling Chris how wonderful I am and how my one-liners just kill her.

17. Chris brought his raver-flags. They are white with a large neon pink cross. They look just like the flag of the England National Soccer Team, except the cross on England's flag is red. When I see Chris's flags, I think of David Beckham and Wayne Rooney and Steven Gerrard and Owen Hargreaves and down the list until I realize I've completely forgotten about Chris.

18. The bartender let us smoke pot on the docks.

19. The music kind of sucked; too light for me.

20. I was wearing a Green Bay Packers T-shirt.


  1. I like the bartender. Not sure how much I like Chris.

  2. 1. Ahh, there is nothing we crave more than a little human contact.
    2. It's good to knpw people.
    3. Why? Construction?
    4. That's why you are the writer and sometimes you have "gift" a lame interview with a little life and wit. You're good at that.
    5. I could tell from the first line.
    6. See #5. What did you have?
    7. Of course they are going to keep you in this position after you made $90 feed 500 people last time. It reminds me of the bible story of the loaves and fishes.
    8. Because he kinda knew it wasn't.
    9. Kid lives out of state? Bad relationship with mom? Etc., etc.
    10. At 20-24 you were about the same weren't you?
    11. Do tell! You Hussy!
    12. Hell, I could have told you that!
    13. Even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while.
    14. You just aren't yourself unless you are out there groovin' to the beat.
    15. You really are a navel gazer, but that is one of the things that makes you so wonderful.
    16. See #12.
    17. They sound like the kind of flag that advertises for gay christians, or the Red Cross for homosexuals.
    18. Cool.
    19. Everyone knows you need it "hard and heavy".
    20. How much of your wardrobe doesn't have the Green Bay Packers on it?
    21. I so love these articles 'cause I feel like I get to go out on these adventures with you. Please keep it up. Great post dear.


  3. 3. Demolishing but no construction yet. 75% of what was is no longer.
    4. Thanks Doc, the story turned out very well actually, because of everybody else's contributions I still had plenty to work with.
    6. White wine. Sutter Home Pinot Grigio...easy hangover to cure the next day, too.
    7. It will be fun and I have a lot of time to prepare.
    8. I think you're right, Chris knew it wasn't really okay. He even ended the smoking bit out in th e car with the bowl still half-full.
    9. Not sure yet.
    10. True, it just looks so juvenile compared to where I am now.
    11. Before I left for the night, planted one on the lips. I didn't kiss him, he kissed me. I think I should start taking this a little more seriously.
    12. Thank you, I do need reassured once in a while.
    13. If I tell you I punched somebody out, I was him, so the good nights are really good.
    14. And the influence of youth is always helpful. It's like having a teenage daughter...I love it.
    15. What's a "navel-gazer?" It almost sounds perverse.
    17. Exactly, which is why they eventually becomne all about David Beckham for me.
    19. You sick...I like.
    20. about 15-20%.
    21. Thank you...I'm so glad you take interest in this shit.

  4. Phil,
    the bartender is entirely awesome and I'm trying really hard to not like Chris much.


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