Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Foreign Language Cards! Hosted by Charles V.

Hello, I'm Charles the Fifth. I was the Holy Roman Emperor from 1519 to 1556. It turns out I owned a lot of land in a lot of different places: Spain, Austria, Bohemia, Hungary, the Low Countries, Naples, and most of southern Italy. I spoke a lot of languages. I had to. Someone asked me about it once, and I told them "I speak Spanish to God, Italian to women, French to men, and German to my horse!" Yeah, I always got a good laugh out of that one. The pope asked me if he could use it in a sermon, but I told him no. He has his own writers. Let him get his own jokes, the big hack.

Sooo anyhooddle. Doc slipped up and didn't post Friday's Foreign Language Cards, and as this was to be only the second installment of a new major feature, he decided to ask me,
to fill in for him. I was at first insulted that he would ask me to do such a low-brow and common thing, but as I didn't have anything else going on, I thought what the hell? I love languages as much as the next Emperor, and these are some far out tongues! Let me tell you!

To make up for the late installment I am going to just shotgun them at ya.


  1. jiu: nine
  2. mian: face
  3. nu: female
  4. qing: fine,sunny
  5. shi: teacher

As in: One qing day, I met my nu shi with the qing mian, and she was dressed to the jiu's.


  1. geisteg ebenburttig: congenial, kindred
  2. Zahnstumpf: snag
  3. Sprachbehinderungen: speech impairment
  4. Ich werde das Kind beim Namen nennen: I call a spade a spade.
  5. Torheit: folly.

I really don't know what to make of these. Any suggestions, leave them in the comments.

Well there you have it! Two languages covered. I know the last installment had some Russian, but Doc didn't leave the cards out where His Highness could find them. So I issued a Royal decree and threw in a little German instead. I had to learn it, you may as well too. I had to try and rule those ungrateful heretics with all their Calvinism and such. Tripe. All of it.

Well that's it for me then. Fare thee well, or peace-out, or whatever you kids are calling it now.

His Royal Highness, The Holy Roman Emperor,

Charles V. (but chuck to his friends)


  1. Thankee, yer highness-- I feel smarter already!

  2. This is an excellent feature. I was just reading about Charles the fifth myself here recently!


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