Monday, July 30, 2007

Tiki Bar

I have been talking about the Tiki bar for some time now, and other than a few poorly lit pictures from silly hat night, I haven't captured the place on film. Well, I'm here to remedy that. As Big Orange is determined to build one of his own, I thought that this might be of some use to him, as well as a suggestion to Bubs who seems to be fishing for ideas for his sprawling ramshackle compound. Here goes: This is the Tiki clock. The hour hand is broken and always reads somewhere in the neighborhood of six o'clock.
The place is surrounded by flowers and this is a fountain that Frank and I made. It looks great when it is running.
This is the best little beach in north-east Ohio. The blue wavy chairs add a suggestion of water.
This is another fountain at the edge of the deck. Why the duck has a bottle of Canadian Windsor on his bill is anyones guess.
This is the side facing my house. Note the windchime that looks like nesting coconuts. That is what we like to call our hurricane warning. It is so heavy that it would take gale force winds to make it ring. More pics to follow.


  1. i'll have what th' cutie at th' end o' th' bar is havin'.

    you're gonna have to toss one back @ 9 PM tonite, you know...

  2. Holy shit that's a good looking bar! Dang, Cletus!

    We have a small tiki bar inside, a yellow vinyl number trimmed in bamboo with a black formica top, with matching stools. My bride found it on e-bay and we made a road trip to Michigan to pick it up.

    We have one small corner of our living room assigned as the tiki area--grass mat on the walls, all our masks and glassware, etc.

    I'd love to have something as splendid as you have outside.

    Well done!

  3. That's sweet.

    So that is in the yard of your house?

    Super sweet.

  4. Gentlemen, I would love to tell you that this was in my backyard, but no, the Tiki bar is next door at Franks house. Every Weds. night is Tiki night and all of the neighbors get together at Franks and we have a drinks, and food (Frank is an awesome cook) and catch up. I helped Frank build it, so I also have my own permanent seat that is always reserved for me. If any of you guys find yourselves in NE Ohio, stop on by, Flannery ani will put you up and I'll take you to tiki night, my treat.


  5. Casa Del Naranja Grande is now hiring construction workers to work on Tiki South, btw...


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