Saturday, July 21, 2007

Salty Coffee

I am a chronic coffee drinker. Always have been, always will be. We have a water softener, as our water is like drinking limestone, and sometimes it doesn't always cycle all of the salt out of the lines. I don't tend to remember these sorts of things first thing in the morning as I am making that magic elixir that starts my day.

I made coffee this morning and it smelled so good. I poured a tall mug full. I added a little milk to cool it to just the right tempeture, and give it the creamy flavor I love so much. I snuck off to the garage and lit the first blessed cigarette of the day. I blew to first puff out and took a big swig.

I gagged. I coughed. I sputtered. It was like drinking sea water.

Needless to say, my stomach has been off all day, and I have been more than a little salty myself, all day.




  1. I feel like the Peter Lorre picture.


  2. ouch. Bad coffee 1st thing in the AM? Hellish. A sign from the gods you should turn your ass back 'round and go back to bed.

    That's what *I'd* doo...

  3. I've always wondered if that would happen to H2O softeners. I mean, you're putting... what? 80 lbs of SALT PELLETS into this machine and a few weeks later it's completely GONE?? What the hell??

  4. That would totally scramble my whole day. I feel you.

    Dale has a good idea, I think. Just sayin'.

  5. Don't get me wrong. I would prefer to start my day with a cold, frosty one, as in days of old, but those days are long gone. I have two kids, bills, chores, etc., etc., that prevent me from having a morning "eye opener".

    I am now consigned to being a responsible adult, as opposed to being the care-free creature of my youth. I have seen the day that started with the warm, flat, unfinished beer from the night before, but those days are loooong gone.

    As a youngster, I spent one whole summer living on Bud in bottles (it was the fifth food group) and swimming nightly in the flooded gravel pit. My worries and bills were few, and I still operated on a cash only basis. (E.G.- I didn't buy anything that I didn't have the money for in my pocket at the time)

    We would sit on top of the gravel sorting tower, about 8 floors up, and drink beer and count the stars. I always got stuck with carrying the beer up the ladder, as I was the only one who wore a belt and could loop it through the handle on the case and sling it over their shoulder to do the climb.

    Some days, I miss those days.

    But most days, I just enjoy talking to Flannery about kid stuff, and the goofy things they came up with today.

    Now at 35, I try to work in 2-3 before 10 pm, so I can enjoy my beer and still get to bed soon enough to be worth a crap the next day.

  6. I'm widcha, Doc. reminds me o' a quote by Mr. Twain: "youth is wasted on the young."


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