Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Funeral Album II: The Resurrection

Last November, Doc asked everyone what their funeral album playlist was. And seein' as how there's lots of new faces around here, we would like to make a sequal. Everyone who reads this, what's your funeral mix? Post the twelve songs you want to serenade your lovely corpse. We're talking to you, Phil, Writer Procrastinator, Beckeye, Anandamide, Echo, Vikki, Megan, Coaster Punchman, Johnny Yen, Kefla, Raven, Amy, Pezda, Evil Genius, Skyler's Dad, Chris, Bubs, Tanya, Grant Miller, Herbert Sebastian Crotch, Dale, Frank Sirmarco, The Boob Lady, Two Can Anne, Kristi, and Lulu.


  • Stayin' Alive, Bee Gees

  • Goodbye to Romance, Ozzy Osborne

  • 110 in the Shade, John Fogerty

  • Highway to Hell/Disco Inferno

  • ...Uh...

  • ...well...

  • I need your help, suggestions?


  • I'll Fly Away

  • Photograph, Ringo Starr

  • God's Got It, Old Crow Medicine Show

  • Let it be, The Beatles

  • Watching the Wheels, John Lennon

  • Nightswimming, REM

  • The River, Bruce Springsteen

  • Closer to the Heart, Rush

  • Your Song, Elton John

  • Country Roads, John Denver

  • Smile, Lily Allen

  • Tom's Diner, Suzanne Vega

  • Bonus hidden track: Kung Fu Fightin'


  1. there's a definite song I've got called "General Taylor" sung by Great Big Sea. It's sung a cappella and it's all about putting this dude into the ground. The chorus is

    Where will you store me?
    walk 'em along, John carry 'em along
    Where will you store me?
    carry him to his burying ground

    only much, much better.

  2. -Today's Teardrops (Are Tomorrows Rainbows) - Fountains Of Wayne

    -Waiting For The Great Leap Forward - Billy Bragg

    -Heaven Is Paved With Broken Glass - XTC

    -Push Th' Little Daisies - Ween

    -Drop Dead Legs - Van Halen

    -Kiss Me, Son Of God - They Might Be Giants

    -This Is The Day - The The

    -Stop Your Crying - Spiritualized

    -Going In The Right Direction - Robert Randolph

    -Sweet Black Angel - Rolling Stones

    -Adios - Perez Prado featuring Rosemary Clooney

    -Muerte Querida - Los Fabulosos Cadillacs

  3. Oh man, I don't know if I can do this. I can provide you with my funeral guest list if you'd prefer.

  4. In keeping with my life of good deeds and charity, I want my funeral to be inspirational

    -Chariots of Fire - Vangelis
    -Believe it Or Not (Theme From the Greatest American Hero)- Scarbury
    -You're the Inspiration - Chicago
    -You Light up My Life - Debby Boone
    -Nadia's Theme (aka theme from the Young and Restless)
    -You're Beautiful - James Blunt
    -Wind Beneath My Wings - Bette Midler
    -You Raise Me Up - Josh Groban
    -Candle in the Wind - Elton John (maybe Bernie Taupin could re-write it for me? "Good bye Canada's Rose..." or something to that effect?)
    -My Heart Will Go On - Celine Dion
    -Tears in Heaven - Eric Clapton
    -Oh Mickey - Toni Basil (I want people to go out on a high note...)

  5. anyone playing "wind beneath my wings" risks my ghost haunting them, and not in a playful, Casper-the-Friendly-Dead-Kid sort of way.

  6. Gentlemen,
    A fine selection by all.

    Chris: I must admit that I didn't expect "Drop Dead Legs" to make anyone's list, but I must applaud your taste.

    Coaster Punchman: Ahh Man! I was hoping that your musical favorites would leed me to my own grand send-off, but your invite list will do, as long as I'm on it. I'll bring the "punch".

    Anadamine: I have got to respect someone's last wishes, but "Wind Beneath My Wings"? Really? Oh, and you will have your "Canada Rose" song, even if Flannery and I have to write it and set it to the music. Get back to me in six months. Also kudos for including the theme song to Americas Greatist Hero.


  7. Some of these are kind of trite, but it is my funeral, so you have to play them. I would prefer this all be mixed down by my friend J into a nice seamless blend. I am starting off weepy, then going for the big finish:

    1. Asleep – The Smiths
    2. Elegia – New Order
    3. God Moving Over the Face of the Waters – Moby
    4. John the Revelator – Son House
    5. Swing Low Sweet Chariot – Paul Robeson
    6. Amazing Grace – Aretha Franklin
    7. How Great Thou Art – Elvis Aaron Presley
    8. What a Wonderful World – Joey Ramone
    9. I Am the Resurrection – The Stone Roses
    10. The Wings of a Dove – Madness
    11. When the Saints Go Marching In – Louis Armstrong
    12. Come on Get Happy! – Ella Fitzgerald

  8. This is a great idea. I'll post about after I'm done with Harry Potter.

  9. Great idea. And it'll give me something to post about because my brain is empty, just like it'll be when I'm dead.

  10. Evil Genius- I was really hoping you would get in on this. I suspected that at least one Smiths tune would make your list. I will have to include "It's A Wonderful World" to my list, as it was the song at my wedding, only the it was the Louis Armstrong version. I remember it well because Flannery turned to me and said "They are playing our song". I told her, then and there, that if anyone ever asked her what our song was, she should respond with Carl Weather's "Kung Fu Fighting".

    I have to say that your selections are both Very tasteful, and Very moving.

    And to think I was going to wrap mine up with AC/DC's "Highway To Hell".


  11. I'm looking forward to Phil's entry.


  12. I can't construct this list. I just haven't got it in me, though I have definite opinions on what songs I want sung at my funeral mass.

    Big O - Big points for knowing GBS! "Boston and St. John" is a big fave of mine.

    Anandamide - you got such big points for the Greatest American Hero theme, and then your list really goes to hell in a handcart! If your aim is to distract your guests from their grief with incredulity edging toward horror, that list might work. I can't even decide what's the worst, although I can't stand Josh Groban.

  13. Sorry for the delay. I have posted my songs over on my blog

  14. I'll have to give the playlist some thought. But there will be beer...


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