Friday, August 31, 2007

For Beckeye, An Interview.

Beckeye, from over at The Pop Eye, offered to interview me and who could turn down a pretty Steelers fan? I couldn't. So here goes.

1. This question has long gone unanswered, so please end the suspense. What's up, Doc?

Nothing much. Flannery and the girls are fast asleep and I'm poking around on the computer late at night, as is my wont. On Oct. 13-14 we are planning a trip to Chicago to celebrate ten years of blissful marriage and hopefully meet up with some of blogdom there. We have been making plans for the Tiki Christmas party, and last week we went to the Greek Festival here in town where I got to try an interesting Greek beer from Cyprus called Keo. (crunch crunch) Pardon my chewing, I'm just finishing a carrot Ala Bugs Bunny.

2. It's my opinion that there just aren't enough drinking songs in the world. If you were to write a new one, how would it go?

I have no musical talent whatsoever. Have you ever been in a crowd of people and they are all clapping in time and then you hear one guy at the back who just can't keep up? Yea, that's me. I don't think I could compose a song as I don't even play the radio well. Nothing I could write would compare to Tom T. Hall's "I Like Beer". It is my all-time favorite drinking tune. Click on the video below and turn the sound up a bit. The video is ridiculous, but they did get the song right.

3. Imagine that you are the star of a "Flavor of Love" knock-off show. You are Flav and we, your blogrolled friends, are all the trashy hos vying for the top spot on your list. What nicknames would you give each of us?

Damn! I should have expected some t.v. show question that I would be totally unprepared for, especially from a pop goddess like yourself, but that does nothing to lesson the blow. I've never seen the show, only the ads for it, but I think I get the gist, so here we go: *WARNING- these will be lame* Beth- Jasmin, Anandamide- Thor, Beckeye- Steely Eyes, Vikkitikkitavi- The Vikster, Blowing Sh*t Up With Gas- Guy Fawkes, Megan- Willis, Coaster Punchman- Harper, Deadspot- Fido, Elizabeth- Madame E, Evil Genius- Macro Me, Geo- George Jefferson, Phil- Hamlet, Johnny Yen- Iggy, Morris "Mo" Wanchuk- Bubbles, Splotchy- Freckles, K.I.D.- Sniffles, Lulu- The Out-Of-Towner, Cooper Green- Mr. O'Naught, Raven- Vincent Price, Mish Mash- Lauren Becall, Pezda- The Artist Formerly Known As Pezda, Flannery Alden- Sucker, Skylers Dad- Fur and Feathers, chris- Smoker Chobie, Bubs- Johnny Law, Tanya Espanya- Tittles, Tenacious S- Dave, Grant Miller- Ted Turner, Herbert Sebastian Crotch- The Organ Grinder, Dale- Spitfire, Frank Simarco- Maestro, Echo- M.I.A., The Boob Lady- who the hell could top that?, Two Can Anne- The Wedding Photographer, GetkristiLove- High Stickin' Ho, genn6- Dancing Queen. Wow! That was tough. I hope these questions get easier.

4. What is your favorite quote from a movie - one that you frequently work in to your everyday life?

The one I find myself using again and again is "You keep thinkin' Butch. That's what yer good at" from Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. I use it on Flannery alot when she spouts some hair brained idea that I just can't go along with.

5. I see on your profile that one of your interests is "the universe." Do you think that Pluto got the shaft...and do you believe that the decision to strip it of its planetary status will eventually destroy us all?

Yes, Pluto got the shaft, but I think it was from Goofy. Will it destroy us all? No. That's George Bush's job.

Thanks Beckeye, that was a hoot, even if it did take me all night to type it up. If you ever get to North-East Ohio, look me up. I'll take you to the Tiki Bar and the drinks are on me.



  1. Fur and Feathers...

    I am all chocked up Doc, this means so much to me... sniff...

  2. Skylers dad- Sorry, it was 3am and I was stretching. You live in the mountains, so do mountainmen and trappers, and what do trappers have to deal with? Fur and feathers. You did read the warning that these were going to be lame didn't you?


  3. Sucker? It's a fair cop. Though I'd prefer Titz.

  4. Nice work Doc, you too Beckeye, I love reading interviews. Love, Spitfire.

  5. An excellent interview, but might I suggest The Beer Song as an alternative to Mr. Hall's song?

  6. Writeprocrastinator: An excellant suggestion. Doy you have a follow-up so we could make a .45?


  7. I wish I did, but that's the end of my beer-related repertoire and there is the greatest shame, with Oktoberfest coming up!

  8. :) I'm a trashy ho.

    I'm partial to the Philosophers' Drinking Song.

    ...or anything by the Pogues.

  9. I too like the movie quote. And giving us all nicknames...what a cheap way to get lots of comments. Of course you know we love it. Except that "Harper" was a nerdy kid in my school who always got his lunch money stolen. Or should have, with such a stupid name.


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