Wednesday, August 29, 2007

A New Career: Holy Warrior Against Kipple

"Acting on orders from above..."



  1. "Ah, los Gringos otra vez." I LOVE that movie! That is kipple-cleansing at its bloodiest. I remember Wild Bunch when it was first released in (gulp) 1969, but didn't actually own a copy until I found it in the DVD discount bin last year. Thanks for the clip, Doc.

  2. my kipple engines have been going full tilt this evenink, as have, ah, OTHER things in this world...

    Note I am no longer here. I'm underground, posting from a secret, Lemony Snicket, VFD-like location. I may be watching y'all in my absence. Be wary!


  3. It's your greatest dream come true...I'm interviewing you.

    1. This question has long gone unanswered, so please end the suspense. What's up, Doc?

    2. It's my opinion that there just aren't enough drinking songs in the world. If you were to write a new one, how would it go?

    3. Imagine that you are the star of a "Flavor of Love" knock-off show. You are Flav and we, your blogrolled friends, are all the trashy hos vying for the top spot on your list. What nicknames would you give each of us?

    4. What is your favorite quote from a movie - one that you frequently work in to your everyday life?

    5. I see on your profile that one of your interests is "the universe." Do you think that Pluto got the shaftl...and do you believe that the decision to strip it of its planetary status will eventually destroy us all?

  4. DAMN, them be good questions, Beckeye!! Especially the 1st one. I just GOT here and it's been plaguing my mind all evening!!

  5. I've been watching you, Doc. I think you need to make a list of what you'd REALLY do for Buckle Money.

    ---big orange

  6. Uh, that last one should read "...Pluto got the shaft." Not shaftl. I have no idea what a shaftl is, but perhaps if you ever interview me, you could ask and I could try to answer.


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