Sunday, October 21, 2007

I Hope You Will Find A Friend Like Sammy Davis.

I learned from Bubs that Joey Bishop went to the Great Beyond recently. At 89, he passed away at home. I've got a birthday coming up and this seemed rather timely.

For my birthday wish, I hope you will find a friend like Sammy Davis. I'm not sure if Sammy or Joey were beer drinkers, but I suspicion they may have quaffed a few, and if I happen to bump into them, should I make it to the Great Beyond, I'd love to to buy them several rounds.

I have been lucky enough to have acquired a few treasured friends over the years, and I can only hope that you have been as lucky as I have. Any day you can make a new friend is a good day, and should you be fortunate enough to make a great life-long friend, you have found the secret to life, or at least as best I can figure.

Thank you my friends.



  1. And when you meet them in heaven, they will still be rockin the Nehru jackets!!

  2. for another flashback, check out Some Guy's Blog for today-- he's gone thru U-toob and posted all sorts of old Seseme St snippits.

  3. Those guys thought that we would watch them do anything. And we did.

  4. I met some great, life-long friends in elementary school. My son now attends that same school. I wonder if he'll be as lucky as me, and those little kids he is just meeting will know him forever.

  5. I'm pretty sure they favored the harder liquor, but I'd like to think they also realized the importance of a good beer.

    Happy pre-birthday!

  6. Sammy always kept an eye out for his friends.

  7. That's a great clip. I would like for Regis to bring me a birthday cake!

  8. Swing baby. You're platinum!

    and I second Skylers Dad, those Nehru jackets are rockin


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