Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Why Everyone Needs A George


Let's face it, everyone knows a George. I have an uncle named George, and I am willing to bet large sums of money that you know a George too. Much like John, Matt, Mike, and Harry, it is a safe bet that you know someone by this name.

I have been privileged to know a lot of people in my time, and correct me if I am wrong, but I have found that people, to a certain extent, fit their names. I have always found Brads, Muffys, and Dicks to live up to my expectations, while Matts, Mikes, and Chads were open to interpretation. There are some names, such as Jennifer, Loretta, Susan, Linda, and Cathy that deserve some looking into, while Roberta's, Edwina's, and Cindy's need to be skipped.

But of all the names that I could name that spark my interest, George is one of my favorites.

Have you ever met a George that wasn't worth getting to know? I haven't.

I take that back. I CAN think of one George that I wish I'd never heard of and that would be alright with me, but I think of him as more of a "w" than a George.

Every other George I could name has turned out to be a person of great quality. A person who is worthy of trust, a straight-shooter, and considerate, well-mannered, and charming in his or her own right.

Because of a Bub's interview, I have learned of another George to confirm my theory, which is the idea that everyone needs a George in their life. After extensive research (at least fifteen minutes worth), studies have found that people prosper with a good George in their life, but that should not to be confused with the george they have had in office for a number of years.

It is truly a short list of things that I am an expert on, but after a long time of reading my mother's Harlequin Romance novels and having a few romances of my own, I have come to the same conclusion as Coaster Punchman.

"George's Rock, and everyone needs a George"


If you don't have one, look into that. It might do you some good.

I have a George of my own, but she goes by the name of Flannery, and I only call her George long after she is asleep and she starts to snuggle and snore.

The World needs more Georges.

Feel free to share your "George's" below, regardless what you call them. After all, the world could use more stories of love, if for no other reason than for instructional purposes.



  1. My grandpa on my dads side had a brother George. He and his partner were Colorado state champions with the double jack. That is a competition where you mine like the old-timers with a sledge hammer and a hand-held drill bit.

    George, at over 70 years old, could still pick up a 16 pound double jack sledge hammer by the handle, and using just his wrist twist it up and touch his nose!

  2. I know only one George. He's a pretty good egg, now that you mention it. Electrician by trade. Lives up in the Poconos, likes to sit around an outdoor fire on cool nights, all bundled up, and drink. Plays horseshoes and rubber quoits. Likes talking about old homes and restoration projects.

    But, he's got a weird side, too. Hell, Doc, maybe I'll write this up as a blog entry!

  3. The biggest George in my life was Curious. I carried around a stuffed monkey for the first few years of my life. My mom gave him away to Goodwill, but saved that tattered rags of my older brother's security blanket in a Ziploc bag. Not that I would still want George now, but a little equal treatment would have been nice. It was one of my first emotional scars.

    As far as a "George" is concerned, I am still in the market.

  4. George was a saint. I went to his school.

    There. It was nice to get that off my chest.

  5. Nice post - you might like the movie 10,000 Black Men Named George. It's about black men that took jobs as porters during the depression on the railroad and they were all called "George" after George Pullman. It's an uplifting (and true) story about the black man's rise to gain equality.

  6. The only George I personally know is a dolt. I need more George.

  7. SD- Oddly enough, I remember an episode of "Little House on the Prarie" where the Dad did this kind of drilling. He sounds like a facinating George. It might make a good post if you can find the time.

    BSUWG- I would love to read about your George, and, for that matter, spend some time around a fire with a few cold ones. Always good to hear from you.

    EG- I kind of know how you feel. I had a comic book collection I could have sold and put both of my kids through college with, but my mother threw it out. And don't worry, there is a George out there for you. If you don't find one, I have one I could recommend. She lives in N.E. Ohio and isn't named George, but with the right introductions I'm sure she would let you call her that.

    Cooper- "George Washington's School For The Chronically Befuddled"?

    GKL- That sounds exactly like something I would enjoy. I'll check it out and get back to you.

    Beth- Sorry to hear about your George, but I guess they can't all be gems. Ask Coaster Punchman how he found his.


  8. The only George I know is my cat Georgi. I named her, so I must have needed one.

  9. In LA, there is definitely a dearth of Georges. We are the lesser for it.

  10. This reminded me of the Kids in the Hall song 'These are the Daves I Know'.

    I've met CP's Poor George and there's nothing poor about him from what I can see. I think he's the only one I know if you don't count Susan George which I don't because, well, I don't know her.

  11. And Evil Genius, if you're still trying to get hit on by the gays, try calling him Bi-Curious George.

  12. I've got a cousin George, who was more like a brother as I grew up. He's a good guy. Yes indeed.

  13. I agree that a George is a good guy. One must be on the lookout, however, for the anti-George. The anti-George goes by the name "George", just like a regular George, but is the exact opposite of George. The anti-George is rare, but can be very sneaky. Watch out for the anti-George.

  14. I knew a George. But he went by the name Avon.

    Go figure.

  15. I feel terrible that I missed this - thanks for bringing it to my attention! Although I love your blog I simply don't always have time to make the rounds every week, which makes me upset because I miss so much.

    I will be sure to pass on your sentiments to PG - and isn't it unfortunate our Great Pretender goes by that name as well? (I still refuse to call him "President.")


  16. Yo, the name of my band is Everyone Needs A George and the name of the band comes from a similar place that you're talking about as far as your insights into Georges'. Check out our my space page: www.myspace.com/enageorge

    Mike Scott


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