Tuesday, November 27, 2007

And Now It All Becomes Perfectly Clear...

I knew there was something haunting familiar about Skyler's Dad ever since he started popping up here at our little cyber-bar, almost as familiar as the avatar he uses. Tonight I figured it out.

He looks just like the stripper my brother hired for my bachelor party ten years ago. She had the exact same beard, wore the exact same costume that you see pictured above, had the exact same kooky sense of humor, and while I've never heard Skyler's Dad speak, I suspicion that their voices would sound exactly the same as they said, "Do not touch!"

While I am astonished at this facinating piece of synchronicity, somehow I think Skyler's Dad would look better in the pasties, and wouldn't need help with the straps on his overalls.



  1. He he he, now that I have been found out (avatar wise) I need to go in search of a new one!

    And I gave up wearing pasties when my chest hair came in so thick. It's a real bitch getting those things off, kind of like waxing...

  2. (Singing) "Don't change a hair for me, not if you care for me".

    Please don't change your avatar! I love it and I always have. I was hunting for the Far Side comic that it came from, just so I could see it in context.

    When I found it, I laughed long, hard, an repeatedly, and this post was born.


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