Thursday, November 29, 2007

I Did A Good Deed.

I did a good deed today, and as my good deeds seem to be so rare, I feel this one needs to be celebrated. I donated $200 worth of books to the library tonight. Well, not really donated. I left them in the night deposit box, but the feeling I had driving away was one of charity, goodwill, and relief.

Someone else will get to enjoy these books, and with any luck, as much as I did, especially the Douglas Adams. And if the library couldn't find space on their shelves, they could at least sell them and generate a buck or two. After all, this is the season of giving, and what greater gift could I possibly bestow than the gift of learning. Mind you, not everyone will be interested in biographies by Clinton, Jackie Chan, and Elvis, but the spirit of giving was overpowering and I kept piling them in.

There were cook books, sci-fi, a Klingon dictionary, as well as a book on job interviews for dummies, not to mention the Shakespeare for dummies book. I feel as if I have enriched some peoples lives, and that is all I ever set out to do in this world. I just want to leave things a bit better than the way I found them, and in this upcoming holiday season, I hope you find a way to do it too.

P.S.- This, in no way, will keep me out of HELL, but it is good to bank away a few things so the prosecution doesn't have too much of a clear-cut case.



  1. just hope that some "student" from the library hunt through blogs and shout to the manager, "I found the bastard who dumped all that crap on us last nite!!"

  2. putting them in the night deposit box won't save you from Hell, aren't most night deposit boxes at libraries meant for books the library already owns?

    And how could you let go of a Douglas Adams? Well, in the spirit of giving.....okay. That's fine. Next time, spirit-of-give that Adams my way.

  3. My wife and I did the same thing a few weeks ago, Doc, and my own personal sacrifice was giving up duplicate (and in one case triplicate) copies of my Henry Root books.

    I know, you've never heard of Henry Root. Nobody has. But he's why I write what I write, and maybe even why I bother in the first place. It was like donating a lung.

  4. I tried to donate books to our library and was told they couldn't accept any books even if they were brand new. I was told that they have to use all their budget to ensure continued and increased funding the next year.


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