Friday, November 30, 2007

Caption Contest Winners!

On Nov. 16th I challenged you all to caption this photo, and we got some good ones too. Honorable mentions go out to Skyler's Dad with "Rain drops keep falling on my junk", Dale with "It's Raining Man", Coaster Punchman with "This is the last time we play Truth or Dare Grandma", Cooper Green with "Maybe the bus driver didn't see me. Well he can't miss me now!" One of the most interesting entries was provided by our own Hot Lemon with: Chives-Butternut Theatre in the Round Presents: "Singin' in The Rain: a PostModern Event!"

(I thought it was interesting that no one mentioned that he had "human" written on his chest.)

And while these are all excellent entries, there can only be one winner. Vikkitikkitavi with her side-buster: "Where did the traffic light go? I'll give you 3 guesses!"

So, to make good on my promise and reward her with a seal of her own here at our little cyber-bar that will hang until the first of the year. (It was that, or a years supply of Turtlewax, and she is much too savy to give me her address.) Thank you all for playing and I hope to do this again real soon.



  1. Vikkitikkitavi- I am so very sorry. I made you a really cool seal for display here at the bar, and as sure as I'm poking these keys, I know I saved it, yet it is gone. Please accept this photo in it's place until I can remake the seal. I spent an hour on the dang thing, tweaking it, getting the font, wording, and colors just right, I could have sworn I saved it. I hope the photo somewhat conveys what I was shooting for.

    you kick ass.


  2. Sis- Did I ever tell you you're my hero - the wind beneath my wings? Just kidding, of course.

  3. looks like a soccer hooligan lost a bet of some kind.... good job Vik!

  4. Wow! Hey, thanks! I'm so honored!

    I guess I have to figure out how to add that seal to my blog now.



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