Friday, January 04, 2008

Diggin' Up Bones

Last night I dug your picture out from my old dresser drawer
I set it on the table and I talked to it 'til four
I read some old love letters right up 'til the break of dawn
Yeah I've been sitting alone diggin' up bones

Then I went to the jewelery and I found our wedding rings
I've put mine on my finger and I gave yours a fling
Across this lonely bedroom of our recent broken home
Yeah tonight I'm sitting alone diggin' up bones


And I went to the closet and I found some things in there
Like that pretty neglige that I bought you to wear
And I recall how good you looked each time you had it on

Yeah tonight I'm sitting alone diggin' up bones
I'm resurrecting memories of love that's dead and gone
Yeah tonight I'm settlin' alone diggin' up bones

Randy Travis

I spent the day diggin' up bones. It was not how I ment to spend the day. Today was supposed to be a long laundry day, but as I waited for the next load to finish I started to empty odd boxes in the basement. The first one I picked is one I should have left alone. It was full of pictures and every card my mother ever got. I found old report cards and awards that us kids had gotten, sketches from her art class, and cub scout badges. The memories were packed thick in one cardboard box, and it was heart-rending to pick through the grand sumation of my mother's life. Pardon me if I leave this short, but I have to find a shovel and put a few memories to rest.



  1. mmmm... "diggin up bones." I am so totally pinching that.

    I've got BOXES of bones out in my attic, most filled with old ☧-mas ornaments from my mom that I still have trouble looking at w/o openly weeping.

    I'm widcha' man...

  2. Nice post Doc, my sister and I have those boxes of memories of our mom also, she was quite the packrat.

  3. I've been thinking of digitizing stuff like that and then tossing it. As harsh as that sounds, I'd still be keeping it, sort of -- just on a corner of a hard drive & a few back-up DVDs. I haven't done it, though. Takes too much time and, in the end, I don't know if I could actually just toss the stuff. Maybe that's a bad idea...


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