Monday, January 21, 2008

Some New Words For Your Next Brannigan

Sorry I haven't posted more often but I've been having trouble wrestling the computer away from the kids. I just can't seem to peel them away from it. I'm going to have to buy one of my own, that's all there is to it. Just goes to show I'm like everyone else, I don't have my tax refund yet and it is already spent.

Anyway, since I've been denied my digital reading, I've gone back to the old fashioned kind, an interesting book called "Totally Weird and Wonderful Words" by Erin McKean. I'm always looking for new ways to add to my paltry education and this seemed like something that might be fun to share. The book is laid out like a dictionary which is nice for those of us who have a short attention span, but I'm only as far as K, so I reckon there will have to be one more installment. So without further ado:
  • brannigan [bran-ig-in] a drinking bout, a spree or binge.
  • crapulous [krap-yoo-luhs] relating to drunkenness or the drinking of alcohol. adj. crapulent. noun, crapulence. It comes from a Latin word meaning 'inebriation,' itself based on a Greek word meaning 'drunken headache.'
  • drazel [drazz-zle] a slut.
  • drinkdom [dringk-dum] the influence of the alcoholic beverage industry, or the power of drink.
  • epithymy [i-pith-uh-mee] a rare word meaning 'desire, lust.'
  • ergophobic [er-guh-foh-bik] someone who fears work.
  • Fescennine [fes-suh-neen] an obscene or insulting song or verses.
  • furciferous [fur-sif-er-us] an adjective meaning 'like a rascal.'
  • halch [halch] to hug or embrace.
  • houghmagandy [hahk-muh-gan-dee] sexual intercourse with a person one is not married to.
  • ithyphallic [ith-ee-fal-ik] an adjective meaning 'indecent, obscene,' from association with its other meaning, 'having an erect phallus.' It comes from the practice of carrying a phallus in procession at festivals of Bacchus.
  • jargogle [jar-goh-gle] an obscene verb meaning 'to confuse, to mix up.'
  • jirble [jur-ble] to spill liquid by unsteady movement of the container; to pour liquid from vessel to vessel.
  • jumentous [joo-men-tuhs] a very rare adjective meaning 'resembling horse's urine.'

In further updates I will provide a plethora of words meaning fornication. Now who can use the most of their new-found vocabulary in their comment? The winner gets a halch, or a drazel, their choice. Also any fescennines would be welcome too.



  1. I started to compose a reply using these words, but it quickly devolved into a Lewis Carroll poem so I abandoned it.

    In the rowing community an erg (the Concept II ergometer) is the rowing maching of choice, and causer of much pain. So ergophobic has a completely different meaning for me.

  2. my youngest jirbles her drinks all th' damned time. that's why I'm steam cleaning the carpets every other damned day.

  3. "jumentous"

    You've got to wonder how that word came about. After all, is horse urine that unique? If you put it in a glass next to urine from other animals, would it stand out?

    On the other hand, the word only means "resembling" horse urine. So, horse urine itself is NOT jumentous, I guess. So, maybe donkey or mule urine would be the most jumentous of all animal urines.

  4. If you are on a brannigan, the odds increase that you will be furciferous, even on a Tuesday night.

  5. Incredible new words to impress those hot librarians with. Thanks Doc!!!

  6. If a craulous drazel went on a brannigan and ended up in a state of craulence she might have second thoughts about drinkdom and re-think her epithymy so she could get over her ergophobic houghmagandy. Then she would sing fruciferous fescennine and stop ithyphallic halching. Then she would no longer jargogle and jirgle her grog.

    Sorry, missed the horse piss

  7. Gifted Typist wins, but GkL gets runner-up!



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