Friday, January 18, 2008

An Open Welcome

I would like to extend a personal welcome to $teve, Gifted Typist, Dale, Phil, WendyB, and so many others that have joined us here at our little cyber-bar.

Should you find a beer in your hand any time soon, please tip it in memory of this auspicious occasion. We celebrate newcomers!

Please feel free to stop in and say what's on your mind. Should you have a tale that involves beer, feel free to tell it, or even one that doesn't have beer at all, the editor loves to get comments however they come.

Thank you all for stopping by, and I resolve to keep you entertained, the Lord willing and the cricks don't rise.



  1. Thank you for the gesture, good sir! I tip my hat thusly. Let's story. Well, the other day I was flirting with a sweet young thing who said she wasn't feeling good after drinking the night before, so I asked what she had, "Natural." "Natural? Like Natural Light beer? Five bucks for a 12-pack? That's why you're sick, girl. That shit's carbonated piss. Stop on by my place if you want some real beverages." "But I'm 19." "That's okay, I'm not a licensed bartender. Just flash me a smile & you've got the keys to the liquor cabinet." That's about all I've got right now.

  2. welcome from Tiki South, as well!!

    Considering today started @ 1 AM with a head injury (Miss Dharma Bum fell outta' bed and bashed hell outta' th' back of her head on the friggin' marble windowsill), an' considdering there's $$$ in th' account, I'm off in a lil' while to purchase beer, and you can bet your beard, $teve, it AIN'T a-gonna be Natural. Nor will it be PBR, either, Doc.

    Oh, and I'm going to search out a non-hand-crank bubble blowah and a cell phone.

  3. I come from a long history of beer culture. My middle ages ancestors drank it to stay healthy, my Victorian ancestors drank it because they were wealthy and I drink it because it makes me wise.

    chin chin

  4. I'll be toasting you on Thursday next when I hit the biggest Las of them all, Las Vegas!

  5. I drank lots of beer while I was out of town this week in your honor Doc!

  6. Just thought I'd let you know I'm still hangin' around too.


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