Friday, February 15, 2008

IBC Root Beer

At the store the other night I was glancing at the IBC Root Beer display and noticed they had come up with a new slogan that I hadn't seen before. It read, "We Bottle Memories." Well if that is the case, I need to contact them. I have a memory of winning a strip poker game on a train that I would really like to have bottled. I wouldn't sell it mind you, it would just be for me.



  1. you sure you're not sellin'?? How about SHARING one or two on an upcoming hot summer evening?? I find that the kindness of strangers always sustains me through these sorts of things...

    Oh, and like Ford Prefect, I usually play to loose.

  2. Hmmm... How much do they charge to bottle by the CASE? I've got quite a few mammary-memories I'd like to relive...

  3. "We Bottle Memories" sounds like a Philip K. Dick book.

    Winning a strip poker game on a train sounds like a plot point out of any number of T&A comedies I watched in my youth.

  4. I guess "We bottle root beer" would have been too "in the box."


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