Saturday, March 22, 2008

Gentlemen, Let's Be Honest...

While this isn't really my sort of music, I whole-heartedly agree with the sentiment.



  1. if I wrote that song I'd have to change the sexual positions line to something like:

    "is it ok if I do you doggystyle
    cuz, girl, I'm really not comfortable
    makin' eye contact,
    even when we're screwin'
    an' I ain't even wearin'
    my glasses

    also I would eliminate references to "making love" because I think that's a really stupid phrase.

  2. That is bloody brilliant. I can hardly wait to show this video to the entire western hemisphere.

  3. This is the same guy who did "Spanish Love Song". I know this is supposed to be funny, but it's lame.

    "All night long" doesn't mean one continuous session; it's intermittent through out the entire evening. You can even take a couple of naps in between for rejuvenation. Must we ladies have to explain everything?

    By the way, I like the term "making love". I don't think it's stupid, I think it's sweet

  4. Brilliant Doc, I am stealing this and sending it to all!!

    And while we are on the subject, I think my game would be a while lot better if I had a backup singer...

  5. ELIZABETH: what we really need is something between the saccarine-sweet "making love" and the pornographic "fucking."

    Most of the the other terms are either too clinical: "having sex", "intercourse", or else they're just dumb and juvenile, like "horizontal jogging" or "hide the salami."

    I like frump for it's element of the whimsical and silly, but it too isn't all that great.

    "making love"... No, I donna' like it, never have. You're making BABIES, perhaps; you're making rivers of sweat, but love? Pfft.

  6. How about calculating the annuities? Or going to the zoo? I don't know...I don't like the phrase making love either.

  7. Ca'n Ergo- "Doggystyle" ::snicker::

    Copper Green-I just clicked on the first video I saw on Youtube and this comes up.

    Elizabeth- "All night long", you sound like you are speaking from experience. Care to share the story for our readers? As far as the phrase "making love" goes I'm not fond of it, but then I think it would ruin a lot of great love songs to use the phrase "fuck" or "fucking". For alternatives try "Hot Beef Injection", "Taking the Skin Boat to Tuna-Town". Or perhaps you might prefer the more earthy "Makin' Bacon", the mystical "Monster with Two Backs", or you could even refer to it with an animal planet channel kind of apeal with having "Hot, Wild Monkey/Donkey/Muskrat/add your own animal here Sex". What ever works for you.

    Skyler's Dad- Swipe to your hearts content old friend, but I don't think a backup singer would help me. I need a cheer leading squad.

    Flannery- Oh I've been to the Zoo Baby! XOXO

    C.E.J.- Frump it is.


  8. Doc,

    A lady doesn't kiss and tell or is that go to the zoo and tell?! Is that where the term hot monkey love came from?

  9. If the word "fucking" is pornographic, then I'd say it's EXACTLY THE RIGHT WORD to use.

  10. I'm with Elizabeth on the "intermittent through out the entire evening" bit. Not only is it possible, it's rather entertaining.

  11. I find it sort of refreshing to see a depiction of an alpha male so openly admitting he's a crap lover or fucker or whatever the appropriate word.


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