Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Snow Gang and Ommegang Abbey

Sorry I've been so blog-lite lately, but life has intervened. I've just been busy; not with any major project, but just the everyday stuff like laundry, running the kids to school, work, and just the general what-not that goes into everyday. Flannery has been off cavorting in The Big Apple and had a grand time. We were planning a trip to see Captain Ergo Jinglebollocks/Hot Lemon/Big Orange, or whatever he is calling himself lately, in N.Y. last Saturday but we got the worst snowstorm in twenty years. You can see the photo parade here.

Once again we organized the snow-gang and took to the driveways in a flurry. When it snows hard, I suddenly become the most popular guy in the neighborhood. Everyone knows I have a large snow blower. So we all get together, drink beer, and clear driveways. We take turns on the snow blower and the rest shovel. We got two feet of snow.

The bad news is this: I took Bub's advice and bought twelve large bottles of good Belgium ale, with the intent of taking them to N.Y. so that Hot Lemon, Norton, and the Country Monk and I could sit down and have a good ol' fashioned beer tasteing. It was not to be. I took the beer to Tiki and it was consumed.
We sampled the offerings of the Ommegang Brewery, Belgium style beer from Cooperstown, N.Y. and my, was it tasty. We started off with Ommegang Abbey Ale and it was a tremendous hit and one of the best ales I have ever had, bar none.

Then we moved on to the wheat beer "Witte". It had a full body, but a very powerful citrus/lemon flavor. We all agreed that this would be an excellent summer beer, but it just didn't seem to be the right thing to quaff after moving several feet of snow.

Then we went on to my personal favorite, the Three Philosophers. This is a most excellent beer and I recommend it highly, as it has a wonderful cherry finish, but be careful, it is 9.8% alcohol, so it tends to pack a punch.

I'll be honest, after spending four hours out in the snow, and spending another hour warming your backside by the wood burning stove, you tend to develop a thirst, as wood heat tends to be such a dry heat. I had a glass more of the Three Philosopers than I should have and left eary as it tends to sneak up on you if you are trying to thaw out parts of you that haven't checked in in a while.

Needless to say, I slept soundly.

I look forword to catching up on your blogs as quick as I can, but the kids tend to monopolize the computer during the day, but I will be stopping by.



  1. On Sunday we tried the "Rare Vos". Look for the review in future posts.


  2. Nice to hear you'll be blogscoping soon, Doc, but I hope you're not still vacuuming up Three Philosophers when you do. I've got exploding tits on tap, and I need you sober.

  3. Glad to see you back Doc, and I hope you are dug out for good now!

  4. first off, as I've said, n'er forget that you're bigger than the kids, so if you need PC time, they can be physicially moved.

    My heart is saddened that the wonderful fayre that was supposed to come to Possum Lodge was guzzled up, but it gets a bit lighter knowing that I"m sure you'll try again after th' thaw.

    Meanwhile, the passle of Lost Boys wanted to have a few brewskies last nite (their term, not mine) and wanted to know if I would quaff Bud Lite with them.

    "pah!" says I. "get Steel Reserve if you're getting anything!!"

    meanwhile, the local pervayor of beer didn't HAVE SR. That's how fucking rural I am. 3 Philosophers is more rare 'round here than a honest politician.

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  6. A good beer put to good use. I earned a box of Guinness for my driveway shovelings, paid at a later date with "interest."

    Yesterday I helped a friend move, and got one lousy Molson gold. (Although there was some fine whiskey about, but that was strictly used in a medicinal manner).

  7. I wonder if it's named after three specific philosophers?

  8. I forgot what I was gonna say now! Something about being pissed that no one tells me when they're coming to NY. But then I saw that spam comment, "this post is likeable" and now I'm cracking up too hard to be pissed.

    And, oh yeah, I was never really pissed.


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