Monday, March 03, 2008

What Beer Goes With A "Lift and Seperate" Operation?

A dear friend of mine, Hot Lemon, has been inconvenienced. He has had to pick up and move, which is no minor inconvenience, but he was fortunate to have two very, very good friends. They not only helped to pack things up and transport them, but drove cross-country to do it. (N.Y.-Fla.) Not only that, but then they drove him and his things back to their place and took him in.

I deeply regret that I couldn't make the trip, but I am looking forward to visiting the three of them this coming weekend in upstate N.Y. It has been quite some time since Flannery and I took a road trip but the big plus is we won't be making it alone. Elizabeth and Raven will be joining us, and while we will only be spending 12+ hours with them, we aim to make it quality time.

I was trying to think of something special to mark the occasion, but all I could think of was a scene from "It's A Wonderful Life" where Mary welcomes the Italian family into their new home. She stands at the door and makes this little speech, "Bread- that this house may never know hunger. Salt- that life may always have flavor. Wine- that joy and prosperity may reign forever!" But I know for a fact that Hot Lemon is a beer drinker and I'm willing to bet that Norton and the Country Monk are too, so what do I bring to take the place of the wine? What beer says "Welcome Home" or "Best Wishes", or even "My Condolences For Your Loss"?

The salt is an easy purchase. I will pick up a bottle of "Jane's Crazy Mixed-Up Salt", which is great on popcorn, and pretty well sums up the reciever at this point. The bread is simple enough, as I have to work in the bakery the night we are leaving, so I'll just nab a loaf of "Country Italian" bread on the way out the door, but what beer should I give?

I'm in a quandry. Please help.



  1. Well, I'd say a good strong American brown ale, maybe like a Pete's Wicked Ale...or something Belgian, really strong, with a cork in the bottle.

  2. Dark beer is a must! If you don't happen to find a good brew pub along the way, I always recommend Guinness!

  3. I agree w/the aforementioned commentors with the following suggestion: don't forget to go for volume as well. There will be many adults to partake.

    I've got a 12 of Steel Reserve that I might tap into before then, and there's the mason jar of NC Moonshine and even that grain alchy-whol that I got snagged with, so I guess if we needed to get beat we could dive into that....

    IF *i* have anything to say, I suggest you bring something I have never had or that I really like that's hard to get. Examples:

    Schmaltz's Alt
    Red Hook XXX Black Stout
    Michaelson's XXXXX Stout
    Sam Smith's Oatmeal Stout
    that Philosopher stuff you were mentioning

    NORTON!, the Country Monk and I shall all happily quaff the dark stuff. Surprise us!!

  4. actually, maybe you should just bring MONEY. There's a brew pub right nearby that is making a seasonal Chocolate Cherry Bomb Stout (and they sell it by th' 2 litre growlers to go).

    Oh, and bring Mardi Gras beads, too: this is th' end of the ski season and mardi gras weekend is comin' up and I hear-tell that folken come from all o'er NY and Canada and other pads to get in one last blow-out weekend o' skiing... And Phil On The Hill has promised to get us to the front of the line at all the bars. "Dude," says he, "clear out the back of the truck an' get some beads: we'll stack the drunk chix back there like cordwood."

  5. Prior to writing this article I had already chosen the beer but I wasn't certain that I had made the right choice. After reading the comments I think I was dead on the first time. Be prepared for a good ol' fashioned beer tasteing!


    P.S.- I took Bubs' advice.

  6. You can't go wrong with the dark stuff. But, one of those huge-ass cans of Heineken (you know, the couple-gallon novelty things) or maybe a "beer ball" (do they still make those?) might be a good add-on.

  7. Black and Tan!

    (lift and separate - get it?)

  8. I was going to say money in case you drink a case or two and still aren't sure, you can get something else.


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