Thursday, April 17, 2008

Words I Wish I could Take Back...

Conversation at last nights Tiki:
Franklin: This girl told me the was no better place to eat sloppy joes than at the beach.
John: Oh yeah? What beach?
Franklin: Oh she just bought a house at SoAndSo beach. It's a man-made beach up north.
John: Yeah, I've heard of that place. That is where they found that boy's body floating last week.

(long pause)

Doc: Yeah, I hear that pollution is getting pretty bad.
(general groan at the poor taste of this statement.)

Sometimes I just say things that should have remained as internal monologues. Do you have trouble with this too?



  1. Sometimes I find things coming out of my mouth that I swore I was just thinking... Must be some short circuit in my brain, or a form of Tourrettes.

  2. Yes, inappropriateness is culturally mediated.

    Irreverent Brit humour for example isn't as appreciated or understood in Canada where the culture is more earnest.

    Your joke would have gone over in Britain because they place a very high value quick wittedness and humour.

    PS, I would have laughed.

  3. Sure, people always groan, but then you hear them at a party the following week stealing your lines.


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