Monday, May 19, 2008

And Love Goes On...

George Takei is getting married and I think that's grand. After 21 years of courting the same person he is going to tie the knot, and good for him.

Now pardon me while I slide a little further out this branch and proceed to saw it off behind me.

George Takei is marrying Brad Altman, his business manager, and they are shopping for rings in Arizona.

Normally the news of celebrity weddings passes under my radar, but this caught my eye in the short blurbs of Yahoo news and I'm glad that I bothered to investigate. I love to hear about people finding love. It reaffirms my belief in man. Unless I miss my guess, that's why we are here, and if so, then shouldn't it be celebrated with a party and a piece of paper with a very official looking seal? Here are two people who have spent 21 years together, can't we at least spare them one piece of paper to say it's okay to love and be loved in return?

I am no expert on life, love, or right and wrong, but is it too much to ask that two people seek to have it recorded in official documents that they love each other. Hell, we can spare one piece of paper, they are cutting down more of the rain forest every day. It is that much more of a tree that doesn't wind up as junk mail. If two people enter into a contract with each other to start a business, it is recorded on official documents, and if the business is a failure then both share in the debt, as well as if it is a success. Is this too much to extend to Americans? Regardless of the paperwork, the love still goes on, and shouldn't we extend this Christian charity that we speak so highly of to one tenth of our population? George Takei is 71 and he is getting married. Is it really too much to give it a piece of paper and a file somewhere?

Perhaps I've got the wrong end of the stick, but didn't Jesus mention something about love thy neighbor and pray unceasingly. I seem to remember that from my years of bible school.

I have no idea how things will shake out for George and Brad, but then, who does?


P.S.- Pardon me for this diatribe but I felt compelled. Just for the record, I am straight, married with two beautiful children, and a redneck. None of the above should be considered representative of any of the above qualifiers. Thank you for reading THIS far, and I won't be revisiting this topic again. My hope is that you have found a love like I have, and are as enriched as I have been. I now return you to your regularly scheduled Beer blog.


  1. I beg to's really important that you continue to speak out on this topic. It's heartening to see the smarter elements of our country embracing this kind of change as a grassroots level. Eventually it will trickle down to those who can't string two sentences together coherently. Well, maybe not to GWB, but to others.

  2. Duh, that would be "AT a grassroots level." Speaking of not being able to write...

  3. Coaster Punchman- I agree that something should be said, but I am uncertain that it should be me saying it. I agree that you and Poor George should be awarded the same rights as Flannery and I, but I'm not sure that I have any more to add than this. I am not a representitive of MOST of America. For most of my life I have found myself out of step with their world-veiws. I blame it on my liberal upbringing, M*A*S*H*, and all the philosophy I have digested.

    I thank you very kindly in suggesting that I might be a part of the "smarter elements of our country" but that and $.50 will get us a cup of coffee we can share.

    I so look forward to the day when I get the invite to attend your wedding, and don't get me wrong, I check the mail every day, and knowing in my heart of hearts that we will be seated on the bride's side just to fill out the pews doesn't bother me a bit, just as long as the two of you don't go to the trouble to wear white. I mean really, who are we kidding?

    And while I can celebrate love in all it's many splended renderings, it is going to take a bit more than I have to offer to bring this about. I can offer my best wishes, I can bring it up with my friends, and if you can find the right church to ordain me, Hell, I'll marry you my own self, but until then, I wish you and George more happiness than two lifetimes can hold. Seldom is love found in all it's bright and shining glory. Revel in it and know that it is good.


  4. hmmm... I think that everyone has a very human right to that lil' piece o' paper saying "I love ____", INCLUDING, I think, more than ONE blank for all them poly peoples. I'm all about inclusion, thankee, Sai.

    HOWEVER, having said that, lemmie say this: I think we ALSO need to publically recognize that there ARE a tribe of people out there who do NOT benefit from civil marriage in any practical way (vs, say, a "commitment ceremony" or something along those lines). I think we need to have a better, larger, national discussion about the whole biz re: NOT getting married is ALSO a perfectly viable option.

    grrah. I need to blogg 'bout this...

  5. Well said, Doc. It amazes me that THIS, of all things, is among the major issues that divide our nation so much. My prediction is that this hyper-focus on "morality" will either be (1) the downfall of the Republican party, or worse (2) the beginning of a full-on U.S. Theocracy.

  6. While Skyler was in grade school, one of his closest friends, and one of the kindest kids I ever met was the daughter of a marriage with two moms.

    While others whispered their disgust in the halls, I tried to point out what a wonderful daughter they were raising, who looked beyond Skylers limitations and cared for him as a person.

    That didn't seem to matter to a lot of folks, who just went on to comment on how it just wasn't right, while their devil spawn was over pushing kids down on the playground...

  7. SkyDad: I've come to the conclusion we're not in charge of who we fall in love with.

  8. Doc,
    My neighbors have been together 20 years. Great guys.
    There are plenty of straight couples who have not even made it close to that number. Myself included. Who am I to judge, who you love??

    Great post.

  9. Great post and I agree with CP, you're in the with the smarter elements.

  10. Don't tell me I have to be the first to make a Star Trek joke about this thing. Fine, here we go.

    Kirk: "Mr. Sulu, engage."
    Sulu: "Yes captain, I am. Finally."

    Really though, great entry Doc. Being a fellow redneck, I understand that sometimes things just have to be said...even if your frame of reference may not be the most respected. Much respect. :)

  11. I must admit that I am a bit overwhelmed at the responce this has generated.

    Coaster Punchman- I promise that I will speak of this to my friends at Tiki and will report the feedback I get from a small group of white guys in North-Eastern Ohio, ages late thirtys to early fiftys. If perhaps I can sway a few minds, I will. By the way, your writing is just fine and I am still looking for my invite. Should you get the chance, could you meet Flannery Thursday evening, June 5th? She'll be in N.Y.C. I'm sure you and Poor George could give her a grand nickel tour or at least show her a good place to eat.

    Cap'n Ergo- While I agree that all couples should be givin the right to have it publicly recorded that they are married, I'm not certain I understand what you are saying. You want there to be more than one blank for the polyamoreous? If that's the case, then you would have multiple marriages, and perhaps the Mormans would back you. And yes, there are some people who shouldn't marry, I just wish my brother would have learned that two wives ago.

    Blowing Shit Up With Gas- I pick "C". The downfall of the Republican Party, AND no theocracy. We are Americans. We won't submit to that much of an infringement on our liberty. Sure, tap my phone and shake me down at the airport, but don't tell me how or if to pray. The Republicans have enjoyed the success that they have had because they are united under common causes. The Democratic Party is made up of everyone else. You have seen a committee works. It is tough to get 12 people to agree on something, let alone how many millions?


  12. I'm all for gay marriage. They can't screw it up anymore than straight people have.

  13. CP- I mentioned it to my friends and sparked a two hour discussion. To my surprise, all were behind it %100 and then some. I was surprised.

  14. Wait... are you saying Sulu is gay?!

    No wonder he is so good with a sword.

  15. Doc, this is as beautiful an argument for gay marriage as I have ever heard.


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