Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Beerfest, a movie review.

It isn't often that I review a movie here at Social Zymurgy, but this film seemed appropriate. Brought to you by those funny guys of Broken Lizard Productions who also did one of Flannery's favorites, "Super Troopers".

I can honestly say, without any reservations whatsoever, that I, as an audience member, have never been pandered to in such a blatent manner, and I loved it. The only other film I can think of that even comes close was seeing Julie Andrews topless in S.O.B. while William Holden swilled bourbon and admired her off-screen.

Now I am rarely considered a viable demographic as far as Hollywood is conscerned. I just don't seem to fit in their market studies for some reason. But this silly movie "had me at hello" with Donald Sutherland playing the dying grandfather in his hospital bed gulping beers and playing with a doll named Po-Po. And while the cast is peppered with funny and talented actors, I have to say that the indomitable Cloris Leachman steals the whole movie as the tender, yet horny, Great Gam Gam. The scene with the summer sausage is one I could watch over and over again. The writers even gave her the best lines of the whole film, "If you can drink ram's piss, fuck, you can drink almost anything!" and, "I always sleep better with a little sausage in me."

This scene is in the following clip, but you must be patient, as it is five minutes into it, but well worth the wait. Let's watch...

If you haven't seen this film, do so as a personal favor to me. Call up some buddies and put your favorite suds on ice and lots of them, as this film *WILL* make you thirsty. Don't watch this movie without beer! You could do irrepairable harm to your tongue, liver, kidneys, and reproductive organs.

And while you wait for Netflix to get off their ass and get this movie into your hot little hands, you may as well enjoy some tunes. Here is a song intitled "Beer" by Reel Big Fish.





    Don't forget the scene where they're jacking off the frogs!!

    and where can we get a glass boot for Tiki??

  2. Doc, I agree with you wholeheartedly. The movie is great...and speaking of the jerking off frogs scene, check out the deleted scene where one of the Swedish team members abducts one of the guys...and he uses that talent to escape...or at least bring up a gratuitious tit shot with fake orgasm. Works for me...and you're welcome. :)

  3. "That's no glass shoe, that's 'Das Boot'!"

    Dear Cap'n Ergo, I don't want to dash your hopes of having a wild drunken time on your trip here but we are probably going to be spending several sober nights, drinking tea and and reading poetry. You will be expected to dress for dinner, so have your tux cleaned. Expect a bland diet of gruel and dandylion salad. We will be getting up really eary so we can do the gardening before the sun gets hot, and we kneel and pray at every meal so build up some callouses on you knees now.

    I'm just kidding. The beer fountains will flow and so will the milk and honey. I might even have a lotus we could split. I've downloaded some drinking music for when we can't remember all the words to "Oh Danny Boy" and "99 bottles of Beer on the Wall".



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