Sunday, May 04, 2008

Art For Art's Sake

At times, my job would be much better accomplished with rollerskates, but like most jobs, it occasionally has it's slow periods. In these few brief moments, when I'm not scurrying about the bakery, I try to spend my time constructively. I doodle; whatever occurs to me at the time and I try to reproduce it to the best of my paltry ability. Here are a few examples.

My coworker of two months is leaving us. Her boyfriend is in jail and they were trying to get enough money for them to get their own place, but that is going to the bail bondsman. To top it all off, they fired her today ten minutes before her quit time. As a goodbye gift drew her this:
My humble nod to Lewis Carrol. I don't much care for the Dormouse.
A summation of my classical art training.
This was somewhat inspired by all the great opening credits to all those James Bond movies. Mind you, the perspective is all wrong, but the sentiment is honest. I have a deep and abiding love of drowning olives. I'm not much for martinis, but I love olives. It is the reason that most all-you-can-eat salad bars won't let me in anymore.
This one is me as a Musketeer. I drew it and I thought it needed a speech balloon, so I looked it over and wrote the first thing that came to mind. I think it made the whole thing.
I'm always fishing for ideas, so if you have some suggestions, let me doodle you one.



  1. suggestions!:
    A jungle safari finds something unexpected.

    A successful man nostalgic for his days as a wastrel.

    A juxtaposition of reality and the fantastic.

    Dick jokes

  2. PS I hope you continue down this creative path!

    The Perry Bible Fellowship is a great comic, if you need inspiration.

  3. Would you consider doing one of me beating the snot out of somebody parked in the handicapped spot that shouldn't be?

  4. Great doodles! You should start your own greeting card company.

    Your poor coworker; I hope things go better for her.

  5. I am impressed that as a Musketeer, you choose to fight with epee AND dagger. Very nice.

  6. how can I top Err??

    but I DO have a commission for you: NORTON! wants a sign for the front driveway. He wants POSSUM LODGE in big letters-- maybe those woody-lookin' ones-- and here's the part where you come in: he wants a tree with a branch stretching out over the letters. The branch should be breaking halfway and at the end there's a possum upside down hanging by it's tail at the end of the branch. He should be looking down at the ground with a worried look on his face.

    He wants you to draw it and he's willing to pay beer $$$ for it. Then he'll have it carved, probably by an Amish woodsmith who will, no doubt, wonder about the lot of us...

  7. The kid getting kicked out of art school looks like he isn't wearing pants. Anything you want to tell us, Doc?

    Just kidding, of course... These are all 10x better than I could ever hope to do! (I so wish I could draw!)

  8. Did her pants go to the bail bondsman too, or did she have to give her the doodle before you were done?

    These are great Doc.

  9. Err- I took your suggestions and they are forthcoming.

    Skyler's Dad- Done. I just need Flan's help putting them up. I think you'll like it.

    Beth- Thanks. Can I doodle you one?

    Gifted Typist- Thank you, it's nothing.

    Vikkitikkitavi- Yes, I need the dagger in my left hand as I'm left handed, well that, and drawing myself with a buckler would've made me look like even more of a wuss. Thanks again for your keen eye.

    Cap't Ergo- So commisioned. I just need to brush up on my opussom drawings and I'll be right with you.

    Blowing Shit Up With Gas- Yes, there is a reason I'm not wearing any pants. I made a pass at the art teacher, and she hated my cartoons. Hence the boot to the butt. I hear Rembrandt started the same way.

    GkL- Yes, I lifted the pen from paper as she walked back from her little "talk" with the boss. But one of the things that makes a good cartoon is to give it just enough to tell the joke and leave the rest to the imagination of the reader. That and it is much easier on the cartoonist that way.

    Thank you all for stopping by. I'll be posting more doodles soon.


  10. Just showing my son your doodles. He's a doodler too and loved them.

    When you look at them close up you can see the impression of the previous drawing on the paper.

    V. Cool Doc


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