Friday, May 02, 2008

How Can I Bore The Hell Out of You?

Yes, you guessed it. Particle Board, or Flake Board, as it is sometimes called. Nothing you could name could be more dull than this, and yet, from Wikipedia I learn that Nazi Germany were the first ones to make Particle Board. My Dad told me the Canadians perfected it so they could ship snowmobiles worldwide in an inexpensive, yet durable, shipping crate and the craze caught on from there.

No offence to the Wikipedia folks, but I tend to belive my Dad.

I told you it would bore the hell out of you.



  1. Or you could, you know, lead a team of time space travelers on a rescue mission to save the galaxy from impending doom by starting the Toledo War of 1835. Maybe. :)

  2. actually, I think this is fascinating.

    We've got a few snowmobiles in various states of disrepair around here, too. And flake board makes great wood for outdoor camping fires when you uncrate your new, used snowmobile.

  3. Leave it to Canadians to invent one of dullest things ever

  4. I would call that picture flake board, and particle board is the stuff that you can't actually see the chips of wood in it because it is ground so fine.

    Thank you Lowes...

  5. Particle booooard, particle boooooard, does anything that a particle's for... (?)

    Sorry, I'm a big fan of 80's psuedo-pop-polka. Can't imagine a world without a squeezebox...

  6. If it's good (and possibly dull), it's from Canada! Yay Canada!


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