Thursday, May 22, 2008

A Tough And Tragic Decision Needs To Be Made.

The price per gallon now rivals your favorite cold beverage by the six. What is a poor boy to do? It is a quandry.

Well, it is a good thing I have some comfortable boots, because I have a thirst. Can you give me a lift to the Circle K?



  1. All the ladies in the above clip attended the Mrs. Doreen Havasham School Of Theology and Etiquette, and was choreographed by an uber-hip epileptic.

    Just a bit of trivia for you.


  2. If only my car were powered by beer, like I am.

  3. I'm doin' my part by taking mass transportation across to see yew folken (Thanks to M'Lady Elizabeth for the tix!!)

    Oh, and I gave an attempt to doing poi dancing with light stix last nite-- there's what's called a "black angel" photo in your email. We need to go to the dollar store and get a bunch of these 'cuz I think the girls will dig it bigg time.

  4. RE: the vid

    Okay, the sixties were a chaotic and largely sexist era, but at least women were allowed to have THIGHS!!

  5. Like what Vikki said, better looking legs on those gals in the video than any so-called "star" out there today!

  6. It is a hop-skip and a staggered walk to my local Tom Thumb.

    Feed the a 6-pack.

    err.....too funny!

    Doc, I am all about Etiquette....ROFLMAO...thanks for the film



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