Friday, September 05, 2008

Notes From The Bottom Drawer, "Beers I would Recommend" edition

Years ago I drank Michelob with some frequency, but as my life changed, so did my taste. I went on to other brands and left Mic on the shelf. I took note when Michelob came out in "Ultra", which is marketing for "light beer that costs a little more". Then Flannery bought a six of Michelob Ultra-Pomegranate/Raspberry. I scoffed. "Froo-Froo girly beer," I thought and dismissed it.

Until one night, I was sitting here at the keyboard writing and I downed the last swallow of that delicious French beer, "La Pabst", and I realized that was the last beer in the house. Well, other than the fruity stuff that Flannery bought. I wasn't quite finished with what I was writing and it was later than most repectable people venture out for more beer, so I opened one of hers.

Damn, is it good. Light, fruity, and crisp. An all-around good summer beer. And at 4.2% alcohol you can have an extra and not worry about it catching up to you too quickly. Try one and tell me what you think.



  1. Didn't know it existed.
    Can I trust you on this? Fruit and Beer? What's next? Chocolate?

  2. I had chocolate stout beer for breakfast 'bout a year or so ago and blogged 'bout it, so yeah, it's fine!!

    I too like this: very light and summery, like a good french hard cider. The only question I have is what EXACTLY *IS* a "natural flavour"?? Vs what? an UNnatural flavour? A SUPERnatural flavour?? I didn't THINK there were enuff pomegranates in the world to first make that expensive POM juice and THEN for the Bud people to start juicin' up their beer.

    Still good stuff, tho!

  3. oh I don't know, this sounds like it might take some getting used to.

    Fruit in beer, whats next, dogs and cats getting along?


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