Wednesday, October 01, 2008

The Politics of Beer

While I normally leave the political scene to better informed folks than I am, I feel it is time to speak out against an antiquated foreign policy.

Is there no way we can ease the burden of the good people of Cuba? I enjoy a good cigar every now and then, and I would gladly trade some Stroh's light for a cigar that has been hand rolled on the laps of virgins.


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  1. Hell, I can answer that for you!!

    Outside of Tampa, FLA, there is Ybor City. While it IS illegal to import cigars from Cuba, it is NOT illegal to import:

    ** Cuban tobacco
    ** cuban cigar-making machinery
    ** a lil' ol' Cuban man who has been handrolling cigars since he was 14

    Ybor City's Historical Society has done just that. I bought an authentic Cuban cigar composed of all three of the above parts and assembled here on American soil for $5, and if you got to their cigars page, I bet you can, too!! Not even the long arm of Bub's law should be able to touch ya!!

    (as for myself, though, I still prefer clove cigarettes if I'm a gonna smoke)


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