Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A Universal Music

"I'm leaving just as soon as I finish my beer." -Hank Williams Jr.

At one time where I come from there was a universal music. Sure, the stereo at the parties would always jump around quite a bit, leaping from one artist or genre to another, Hip-Hop in it's infancy, Metal, Hard Rock, or whatever was taking the radio by storm that week. But regardless of what was played there were always a few grumblers who swore under their breathe how they hated this song, but there was one artist that everyone loved: Hank. You could put on any Hank tune you wanted, even a B side, and everyone would casually nod their head that at last the stereo was in competent hands. Even the more cultured girls from town would at least give him a listen, and if it was late enough in the evening, sing the chorus loudly and off key.

I can offer no explaination as to why this was, but at the time, Hank was acceptable music to most everybody I knew in much the same way that Elvis or The Beatles were acceptable music in their heyday. I didn't own any of his albums, but much like Metallica and Iron Maiden, I learned their catalog just from hearing it played over and over. Perhaps this dates me, but I don't care. There are worse things than getting older and remembering when. I don't mind being a "dinosaur".


**Author's Note** I only chose this version as I love the simple guitar, Hank ain't that good looking, and Flannery said this guy was cute.



  2. Hank Williams - awesome
    Hank Williams, Jr. - waste of talented sperm
    Hank Williams III - used to be good, but don't get the whole "cow punk" phase.


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