Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Cap'n

I promised Dale a cartoon of his own some time ago and I just finished it. At the same time I promised one to Cap'n Ergo Jinglebollocks. Here it is Sir. I hope you like it.

Sistas #1 & #2, your's is in the works as I've finished a rough draft, but give me a few days. I just wanted to say that you haven't been forgotten.

Should anyone else care for a cartoon, leave me a note in the comments. I would be happy to oblige, but forgive me, it takes me a while.



  1. a perfect likeness, sir!! You even captured my good side, too!! I'm especially fond of the protective tommy helmet that protects me from Pin of Righteousness attacks!! Yarr!!

    Suitable for framing, says I!!

  2. Doc, you are funny, talented, and always a good read (but not necessarily in that order)!

  3. Doc, make sure our boobs are voluptuous and we have red heals on.

    Please and thank you


  4. I love these cartoons and it's nice to finally see the Captain's good side Doc, har har.


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