Monday, October 27, 2008

Intard Unemisma

"Won't trust a ho, cuz a ho won't trust me"

3OH!3, from their song "Don't Trust Me"


I am always surprised at what the Word Verification field asks me to type to leave a comment on your blog. I took word verification off mine because I figured that even spam was good as it meant that someone bothered to stop by. So far, no offers to have my penis enlarged or mail order brides or anything, but I did get an interesting comment from an anoymous reader suggesting that I purchase a book regarding the "n" word.

I must admit that at times even I can't decipher what string of letters it is asking for, so I'm certain that it is an effective tool for weeding out the junk mail, but sometimes this mishmash of letters almost make sense in a way.

The other day, I'm reading Bub's article about visiting the farmers market for the last time and I leave a comment. Word Verification asks me to type "intard", and for some reason this sounds like a word I should know. And if this wasn't a word, it should be. As in, "Dave, that freakin' intard. He can only see the faults of others and is blind to his own."

Later the same evening I am reading GetkrisiLove's article about the start up of her new hockey season and I leave a comment and am confronted with "unemisma". I think this word should be added to the language as well. Unemisma is the blood-lust like desire to succeed and grasp victory where others have only tried and failed. The word's opposite is Emisma, which is what you tell the boss you had the day before and that is why you couldn't come into work that day, even though you just laid around the house watching game shows, drinking beer, and eating pizza.

Also GkL had a video from a group called 3OH!3 that advised not to trust a Ho. It is catchy and would inspire Unemisma. In an encore performance, I reproduce it here:

This is Lyle Alzado:

This isn't:
To sum it all up, just let me say: I hope you are never afflicted with intard and are overcome with unemismatic drive and zeal, even if you have occasional bouts with emisma.

Oh yeah, and Go Ice Monkeys!



  1. Wow, I have been catching up on some of the blog reading I haven't had time to do recently, I was trying to think about how to effectively communicate my excuse about being BUSY, and then I read in your post that you read my blog while you were in the HOSPITAL?? Way to show off, dude.

    Glad you're feeling better.

  2. that sho'nuff ain't no intard down there in them skates...

    I agree-- "intard" SHOULD be in the dictionary. Lettuce, fellow bloggers, fully define this word and begin using it liberally.

  3. here's one I just saw on another blogg:


    what can we do with THAT?!

  4. I'll see your facha, Crefor, and raise you a merdan.

  5. Oh Doc, you slay me... and thanks so much for um.. ahem, posting that photo again.

    I'm digging that new Ho song - they are from Colorado!


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