Monday, October 27, 2008

My Entry For The Big Wicked Online Pageant

I know that somewhere I have a photo of myself dressed as Indiana Jones, hat, whip, pistol, shoulder bag, the works, somewhere but I'll be jiggered if I can find it. I hunted high and low, but never found it. Instead I found a few others and they are just going to have to do. This isn't a Halloween photo but it is the Fourth of July instead. The gent at the left is Dad, followed by Mom, me, and my brother Rick. You can't tell from the vines behind us, but that is the greenhouse of my family home.
As my birthday is the day after Halloween, All Saints Day, I often had fall/Halloween themed cakes that Mom baked. Here again, not really in costume per say, but at least in the spirit of the Pageant, it is closer to the correct holiday than the Fourth of July and I am brandishing a weapon.
Here I AM in costume. I am desperately trying to portray a Seventh Grade Stud who is good with the ladies. Note the carefully knotted black knit tie and the Devil-may-care smile. Instead of the studly look that I was shooting for, I look like an escaped electroshock therapy patient who snuck into a photo booth. Just a quick piece of advice, bother to look into the mirror on picture day and never count on your killer wardrobe to carry the photo.
Here again I AM in costume though what I'm dressed as I'll leave up to you. The salt and pepper cap that you see me in I still have. It originally belonged to my Great Uncle Riley who was a great collector of hats. He passed it on to my Dad who was named after him, who passed it on to me as I am a great collector of hats as well, not to mention I named my first born after my Dad. I'm wearing it in the photo that is my banner.

Now I'll be honest, I have always shied away from posting pictures of myself as I don't have too many that are all that flattering and I need all the help I can get. Only once have I posted a photo of me and I only did it because it was so ridiculous, but I missed the last Pageant, so what the hell. If Beth can post pics of the top of her head, Bubs can show himself in full Mummy attire, and Dale is willing to let me draw him in cartoon form, shoot, I can get over being camera shy for one day of the year.

I hope this turns out to be a big Pageant as I'm looking forward to seeing your photos.



  1. Are you the orange guy or the guy holding the orange guy? Great photos Doc and I immediately thought of the hat on your blog banner. Nice story too!

  2. I get it! In that last photo, you're the dude who sings "Come on, Eileen"!

  3. I got it ,, I know what the last picture is.....You are a "Newsie"


  4. Very nice, Doc!

    Knit ties. Clearly we grew up during the same era.

  5. My fave is Seventh Grade Stud, but that jack-o-lantern cake deserves a high-five, too.

  6. I think the guy from Dexy's Midnight Runners is a newsie now, so this works on many levels.

  7. Well, about a dozen people beat me to the Dexy's Midnight Runners comment.

    Nice job on the black knit tie though--I'm waiting, eagerly, for the knit tie to come back.

  8. I wasn't talented enough to tie a tie, all I had were clip-ons!

  9. I'm shocked that you posted these photos considering how much you hate to have your picture taken. Sometimes it's good to step out of your comfort zone.

  10. I like the hat. You probably were called a dork, but really, you were cool before your time.

    Flannery should make you a Halloween cake this weekend... oh, and have a happy bday!

  11. I didn't know New Wavers were such beer fanciers.
    someone has a birthday coming up soon

  12. DOc, you still sporting that nice head of hair?

    The bandana around the neck? What's that all about?

    And I peed my pants at beth....Come on Eileen!!!!!!!


  13. Wow, you sure had awesome birthday/Hallowe'en cakes! That's way better than having a birthday around Thanksgiving.

  14. God Lord! I've never had so many freakin' comments on anything I've put up ever! Shoot, I'd be willing to show you the dimples on my butt if you all would just promise to keep coming back!

    I feel obliged to respond to all of you as that is the kind of guy I am. From the top:

    Dale- I'm not the orange guy. I'm the pasty Irish dude.

    Beth- I hadn't thought of that but I guess I'm the only one.

    Flan- Curse my lack of Mtv in my formative years!

    #1- Newsie is kind of the look I was shooting for, yes.

    Some Guy- Cut from the same cloth I'm afraid.

    Cap'n Ergo- Isn't it? And to think we're neighbors now. Be careful. I've still got a few frights left in me!

    Katrocket- Nothing more frightening than a Junior High School photo. Thanks for dropping by.

    Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein- Oh no! Not him!

    Beckeye- I can always count on you to bring things full circle dear, that's why we love you.

    Bubs- You and me both old friend. I've got a closet full of them and nowhere to wear them!

    Skyler's Dad- Clip ons? Really? I had you pegged as a bow tie man myself.

    Spooky- I would only do this for my friends so don't expect to see a lot more photos of moi anytime soon.

    GkL- "you were cool before your time." No. Not really, but it is very, very kind of you to say so. BTW, I saved the photo of you in your hockey gear to my computer and I'm likely to use it again if you don't mind. Would you like me to pen you a cartoon? I can't compete with Evil Genius' mad art skills but I would be willing to give it a go.

    Gifted Typist- Us beer fanciers come in all stripes and colors. If you would like to give me something for my birthday, I'd love for you to write funny post about beer, or a dirty joke if you have one.

    #2- Yes, I still have all of my hair and I'm only wearing the bandana because I couldn't find my ascot.

    Thank you all for dropping by. Your responce has been overwhelming. To the newcomers, welcome to our little cyber-bar. To the regulars, thanks again, as it's always good to see you.

    Your geeky, non-studly, beer drinking newsie friend,

  15. Barbara Bruederlin- Yeah, but I bet you had turkey for your birthday. Shoot, I don't even like cake.


  16. Those pictures are adorable. Ok, maybe not the last one. (Please tell me that wasn't really a pony tail.) But please do not show us the dimples on your butt.

    Happy belated anniversary! You know now I'll never forget yours and Flan's!


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