Tuesday, November 04, 2008

On A Historic Day, I Voted Like Harley

John O'Hanlan: Harley, this is more money than I ever dreamed! Do-do-do you know what I can do with this much money?

Harley Sullivan: We passed some nice looking saloons.

-Jimmy Stewart as John O'Hanlan and Henry Fonda as Harley Sullivan in "The Cheyenne Social Club" (1970)
I hunted like hell to find the quote I was looking for from this movie and this isn't it. The film centers on two middle aged cowboys, aptly played by Jimmy Stewart and Henry Fonda, when Stewart gets a letter from a lawyer saying his brother has died and and has left him some property. The two of them ride off to claim it. They see the lawyer and he gives them a large amount of money and Stewart signs the deed. As they leave to go see Stewart's inheritance, they have a long conversation that includes the above quote, and while it's funny, it wasn't the one I was looking for.

Mind you, this is from memory, but it went something like this: "Harley, all my life I've been a working man, punching cows, and I have always voted the straight Democratic ticket, but now that I am a man of property, I might have to take a look at those Republicans." "I don't know John..." and Fonda scratches his chin.

Well today I voted like Harley. I voted the straight Democratic ticket, right down to the county coroner. I figured a Democratic coroner would be less likely to swipe gold teeth or tell their friends, in detail, about your "equipment". I didn't even know that coroner was an elected official. I know that dog catcher isn't, as in,"I wouldn't elect him dog catcher!" but coroner? I don't recall voting for one the last time.

I got some advice once that said that as soon as I was old enough to vote, do a little research and pick a good candidate and vote for him. From there on out it's easy, because all you have to do is keep trying to vote someone else out. Perhaps there is some truth to that.

While I was alive during the Watergate Scandal, I don't recall much about it other than seeing Pres. Ford take a tumble down the airplane stairs on TV. I know the country at the time felt betrayed, disgruntled, angry, and abused. I'm not so certain that we don't feel that now. I know I do.

Today I am of mixed emotions. I am worried about the future. I am hopeful, and am filled with pride at doing my civic duty. When I took the girls to school this morning I explained what I had to do today and Riley asked me if I was going to vote for Obama. "Yes," I said, "and in twelve years I'll take you with me." "Good," was all she said, and then went on to thinking about being eighteen.

I'd like to just fill pages with venom towards the boneheads who have created this mess for us, but I just don't have the heart. They are in the same boat we are in and everybody has to decide if they want to bail, swim, or fix the boat. We've tried bailing, and there isn't anything to swim to, so let's appoint a new captain and fix the boat.

While I don't know the gentleman above, I can abide by his sentiment. I think we all can. I know Riley does and she is six years old.


P.S.- The place Jimmy Stewart inherits is a whorehouse run by Shirley Jones and mayhem ensues. Watch "The Cheyenne Social Club" as I found it both funny and informative, not to mention highly erotic. Think of "Lady Chatterly's Lover" as a western with the Dalton Gang thrown in.


  1. Oh, God! That picture broke my heart! I've got tears right now.

    Please...please let Obama win.

    Also, Doc...let's hear about your voting experience today.

  2. I have never been so proud to wear a sticker as a badge of Honor in my life, and as a good short-cut through, take the paper ballot. It will save you some time and the feeling of putting it into the box is grand.


  3. Congrats on doing your civic duty Doc, and for raising your children right!

    Cheyenne Social Club is one hell of a good movie.

  4. One quote from the movie is close:

    John: "There can't be a finer calling in the whole world than being a Republican business man."

    Harley: "I don't like to dispute you, John, but didn't you always vote Democratic?"

    John: "Yah, well, that was when I didn't know any better"

  5. See?? wasn't this all worth getting your driver's license renewed over??

    We voted at the Polish-American club which a wonderfully wood-lined building with deeply scarred and varnished tables. Both depressing and uplifting. I was impressed that our lil' county had touch-screen voting machines and wondered what might happen if some wit bent down and yanked the plug on the fucker.

    Hooray for us!! Let's all have a beer!!

  6. I loved that flick.
    And your vote won


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