Friday, November 28, 2008

Super Sex! Super Sex!

I went to Tiki on Wednesday and Markus looked up from his game of darts with Franklinton and said, "I haven't seen you since Christ was a corporal!" I haven't made it to Tiki much as of late and Markus was the first one to rib me about it.

Franklinton told a joke that is worth passing on and here it is:

Nancy is a patient in a nursing home and she has a bad habit of wandering the halls in her bathrobe and flashing everyone she meets and yelling, "Super Sex! Super Sex!" She is old and her eccentrities are over-looked.

One day she wanders into the room of Silent Eddie. He hasn't spoken a word since he moved in nine years ago. Nancy pulls open her robe and yells, "Super Sex! Super Sex!" and Silent Eddie looks up from staring at his shoes and says, "If those are my choices, I'll take soup."

I hope you have a good beer to wash down the leftovers.



  1. LOL !!!

    I hope you had a wonderful Tiki Time :)


  2. you know, I was going to post something today, but that joke is good 'nuff to last us thru till midweek when things may get dull.


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