Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Beware The Moonlit Night Down By The Pond

I've been reading about Gary Larson and was inspired. I have some other cartoons that I'll put up in the coming days, provided I can get my *expletive deleted* internet to flippin' cooperate.

I'm hoping to have it fixed now that I have bribed my next door neighbor, Jerry the cable guy, into coming over and taking a look at it, but I know the trouble is in the line, as everything else is working fine. For over a month, my internet connection has been dodgey. I am frequently dropped off and the load time is slower than dial-up. I've been trying to keep up with your blog and all the new ones I've added to the list, but if you have pictures on your blog, it might take ten minutes to pull it up. And video, forget it. It loads 3-4 seconds at a time with fifteen to twenty minute lag time in between. It took me three weeks to watch the whole Betty Page video that Bub's put up, but I feel it was time well spent.

I leave you with promises of more toons, and something my Grandfather used to tell me:

"I'm going upstairs and fuck your Grandma! Be good and stay out of muh beer!"



  1. I can fix it. If I was there. Instead I'm drinking off a birthday present of Winter's Bourbon Cask Ale or Winter's Cask Bourbon Ale depending on how you read the label. It's far too much vanilla, but extraordinarily intoxicating. C+

    I love Gary Larson. Your cartoons are like a Larson comic except with a central character. Doc beyond the Far Side. Awesome.

  2. I got excited. thought it was the Sista's cartoon. Balls @


  3. Your grandpa was a wise man. I'll never forget the words my grandpa left me when he was on his deathbed:

    Sky-dad, never marry a woman with big hands. It makes your dick look small.

    Sorry, I told myself I wouldn't cry... sniff...

  4. Why did you not warn me of the grandad quote? It's all about the beverage shooting onto the computer screen.


  5. ERR- I'm ashamed I totally missed your birthday. How old are you now? Is that old enough to vote? Thanks for the warning on the B.C. Ale. I almost bought some of that. Cheers!

    #1- You haven't been forgotten dear, it's just that I find so little time to draw and forgive me, but women are hard to draw what with all those curves. I just don't want to draw you a toon and the two of you look like a couple of malformed circus freaks. You deserve something special!

    Skyler's Dad- You crack me up all the time!!! You and Grandpa are a hoot!

    #2- It was the only one line joke I could think of. I'd like to take credit for that one, but I swiped it from George Carlin. I'm glad you got such a kick out of it. If I can ruin or soil one monitor a day, I've done my job well.


  6. Er, I didn't want to step on either of the posts above, so I guess I'll notify you here...

    Congratulations, you're the winner!

    Pick out a cup and let me know where you would like it to be sent!


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