Thursday, January 08, 2009

What Do You Get A Blue Yak For Their Birthday?

Not a hippo apparently. My other option was nude photos, but I promised Flannery I wouldn't do that anymore. I considered some sheep shears so he could give himself a fancy new do to all that hair, but cold weather is upon us and that seemed inappropriate. So, by process of elimination, I arrived at writing him a post.

Dr. Zibbs, this one's for you baby.

Perhaps after our economic melt down is over, you, me, and Dr. Zaius, and Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein could open our own practice. The two of them would handle the simian cases, I could handle the drunks, and you would be left with the lonely ladies who just need the comforting touch of "a real Doctor who cares, deeply". I'm willing to chip in and have the sign painted now, but you are going to have to convince the other two to join in.

Any suggestions as to where to have our office?

Happy Birthday,


  1. I look into the future and see a big fight between you and Zibbs over the OBGYN cases.

  2. I love that idea as long as I get to be the only one that wears that single light thing on the headband. You know that thing.

  3. Zibbs office should be in Intercourse, PA.



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