Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I was thinking that maybe my titles wouldn't have anything to do with my writing for a while, you know, just to try it out, but I decided against it.

What does one do on a snowy Tuesday night after work? You have a beer, spread some salt, and watch the snow pile up, and thank your lucky stars your have a snow blower and a four-wheel drive.

I bought some PBR to weather the storm with, but it turns out to be bunk beer and tastes very "skunky". I also purchased some Russian beer, Baltika which I've had before and enjoyed.

Tonight at work I picked up a copy of The Coffee News to kill five minutes. The Coffee News is a one-page free flier that touts local businesses and has the kind of news stories you might find in a Farmer's Almanac. Such as:

News: Biggest Burger- Steve Mallie of Mallies Sports Bar And Grill in Detroit will cook for you what he calls the Absolutely Ridiculous Burger. It is 134 pounds of ground beef on a fifty pound bun. With 24 hour notice, you can have this huge burger for only $350.

Quotes: "Too old to plant trees for my own gratification, I shall do it for my posterity." -Thomas Jefferson

Today's trivia:
1.How many bones are in the human body?
2.What fraction of an iceberg shows above water?
3.How many nights are there in the story of The Arabian Nights?
4.Which was the second James Bond movie?
5.What is the oldest known vegetable?

I am ashamed I only knew two of these, #3 & #4.
4.From Russia With Love
5.The pea

My horoscope for the week suggested, "Artistic, creative work which expresses a visionary, whimsical, or fantastic quality is very fulfilling to you at this time, as it releases your imagination. Lucky numbers: 7, 15, 17, 18, 22, 24" To that I say "duh". Flannery's was much more interesting, "Expressing your thoughts and feelings through writing a love letter to your partner would be very rewarding to you." Should I be expecting a poem this week, and if I don't get it, should I be ticked? None of our Lucky Numbers matched, and the writer suggested that I would be better off with an Aries this week.

Ads- Ooh Crap! pet waste removal service. Mr. Hyde's, your local leather and troll bead supplier. Wackerly Funeral Home, Eugene C. Wackerly, III - Director. Hear Inc., home of quality hearing solutions at great prices!

Did you know- The hands on Big Ben are large. The hour hand measures nine feet and the minute hand comes in at a whopping fourteen feet!

I read this sort of fluff when I've got an inner-ear infection at work.

Be careful out there,


  1. You sure beat me because I didn't know a single one of those trivia questions. Fun stuff Doc!

  2. I wish that I had access to that flier.

    No-one does nuthin' like that any more and I don't like it one bit!

  3. hee. There's something about The Coffee News that I just love-- it's a throwback, i think, to the days when some lil' ol' dude would stand and hand crank out bills and suchnot, and it's good to see such things still in existance.

  4. I am guilty of not knowing one of those answers. I suck. Bigtime.

    I am off to drink a beer.



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