Thursday, January 29, 2009

Today I Am A Sourball To The World

For some reason, I am just not up for anybody's grief today. You know it is going to be a special day when the first words out of your mouth are, "Get Bent!"
Pass this along to anyone who really pisses you off today.



  1. Or you can tell them, "I hope you get locked into an echo chamber while Robin Leach and Billy Mayes have a shouting contest."

  2. Everyone deserves a day to tell the whole world they can kiss off.

    Enjoy your Doc!

  3. great Goddess in th' Summerlands, but I can TOTALLY grok this on a day like today. I've been feeling feverish and tired and in NO MOOD to try to upsell Medicare Advantage Plans with Prescription Drug options (MAPD's) to cranky ol' farts, no matter HOW much good my boss thinks we're doing for folken by doing so.

    Gaaah. You an' me, Doc, we be brodahs in this fight!!

  4. Yeah, fuck em all!!!!!


  5. Yeah Doc!
    Why can't we have a VAlentines Day for people that piss you off?


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