Friday, January 30, 2009

What Beer Goes With Groundhog?

We need to make a decision on what to have our keg filled with for our Groundhog's Day Party. We could fill it with tried and true Labatt's. However, a good friend of mine passed along his superstition that any party with a Labatt's keg will end in a fight. I don't want that to happen, of course. We could do Miller or MGD, but that gives Doc migrains, so we'll have to pass.

That leaves us with the Leinenkugel line:

  • Honey Weiss

  • Red Lager

  • Berry Weiss

  • Sunset Wheat

I'm a huge fan of Berry Weiss, but I realize that's a sissy/girly beer and me and the ladies at the party will not be able to chug down 82 of these without help from the fellah's. I've not tried any of the others, so I have no idea which one to go with.

What's your advice? By the way, the menu, which still needs Doc's approval by the way, is:

  • Barbeque Pork Sandwiches

  • Corn on the Cob

  • Snacks, veggies

  • Whatever else other people bring

I'd appreciate your input, especially if you'll be joining us. Kindly input your input in the poll to the top right.




  1. Get the Labatts. I'm looking forward to a good fight!


  2. You can't go wrong with the red, and I suppose you could always get Doc to fight even if you don't get the Labatts!

  3. I only like the Berry. Regarding Labatt's, it is economical to get a keg, but I think Labatt's tastes like sour water. What are your feelings about Icehouse Beer? The Cap'n picked up a case a few weeks ago for $6.00. I was surprised that it tasted as good as it did for that price. I think it tastes better than Labatt's and bottles are classier than kegs. Puxatony Phil is all about class.

  4. Leinenkugel is Miller, too, isn't it? Or just distibuted by them?

  5. after some brief research I find I am incorrect. carry on

  6. I go with Heiniken or Moosehead beer and I'd 86 the corn on the cob since it's out of season.

  7. I shave my armpits and have silver-painted toenails. I'm all FOR the sissy fruity beers!! Bring it on!! BRING IT OOOON!!!

  8. Decisions, decisions.
    Check the alcohol percentage and then make your decision.

  9. Flannery....1st thing...I cannot drink beer out of a keg. Oh Mother of God....I gets the poops real bad. Bottles only for me.

    BBQ pork sammies....I am all over those bad boys.

    I make a mad stromboli, chicken nuggets, how bout some pigs in a blanket???

    Let me know.....

    How far is it from Florida to the Doc'shouse?????


  10. Kris- I would have voted for a hearty stout but the wife couldn't find one here. It turns out that the whole town drinks nothing but swill.



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