Monday, February 02, 2009

Happy Groundhog's Day!

It turns out Phil saw his shadow this morning, even though he was still a little bleary eyed from watching his beloved Steelers win their sixth Super Bowl the night before. Six more weeks of winter for us and Phil goes back to bed to nurse his hangover. Oh well, at least the party is still going to be this Saturday and we will all have a good shot at creating our own hangover.

Happy Groundhog's Day,


  1. I think next year we ALL need to make a trip out to Punx, PA. I mean, really!! We all need to meet this guy in person and get the tee-shirt.

  2. I totally want a Punxsutawney Phil t-shirt.

  3. I would be ecstatic if there were only six more weeks of winter. We're never out of the woods around here until at least May. Nothing is quite as deflating as having to shovel at the end of April.

  4. "Don't drive angry."

    No more winter please.

  5. Happy G'Hog's Day
    Happy G'Hog's Day
    Happy G'Hog's Day ...

    ad infinitum


  6. well!! I'd say the practice par-tay went pretty good last nite...

  7. Are you going to play Sonny and Cher's Babe over and over?


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