Sunday, February 08, 2009

The morning after...

It's still morning right?

Well, folks, winter has broken and I'm sure it's because of the party we threw last night. We have satisfied the gods of spring and we're sitting here listening to the birds chirp and watching the squirrels frollick.

I'm sure Doc will have much more to say about this, but I believe a picture's worth 1k words. So here's a few k for you folks who couldn't find your way here.


Boiled Flan

My Sister-in-Law in the throws of a good story

The photographer with Doc

The Grand Poo-bah and his Main Squeeze




Doc (isn't he cute?)


  1. Does that beer make me look fat??

    The Boiled Flan is especially fetching after such a long, cold, and hard-froze winter. HA! And Punxy Phil said we'd have to wait until mid March for such goings on!!

  2. The pith helmet is just grand! You needed big, fake Groucho eyebrows to wear with it!

  3. I'll type quietly, you probably have a hangover...

  4. BTW, nice bowler. Did you know that they wore bowlers in the Wild West? I've read a couple of directors lament the fact that no movie producer would actually let that into films and they would insist that everyone that wasn't a dude had to wear a cowboy hat, despite some actual photographic evidence to the contrary.

  5. I thought about you guys partying last night. Obviously a good time had. That was a hot Flan, no?

  6. Man that looks like a swell time. Way cooler than how we spent our Saturday...

  7. What a lovely time, woo hoo! The people were awesome, you guys were awesome, I got to see Franklyn, the swimmin' pool was an exercise in relaxation I apparently was in desperate need of.
    Love you all!

  8. Speaking as a doughy often drunk pasty ex Midwesterner, I love all you drunk pasty Midwesterners.

  9. It is very nice to put a face with all the names!!!!!!!!!!!

    And looked like you were having a great time in the tub!!!!



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