Saturday, February 07, 2009

Well The Big Day Is Here At Last...

Our Groundhog's Day Party will begin here shortly and we are about as ready as we are going to be. After two full days of cleaning our house is simply a wreck instead of it's usual state of disaster. I have eight bottles of wine chilling as well as 102 beers. I purchased booze earlier in the week but only the bottle of gin and a smidge of the rum survived. Guests will be arriving in an hour and the hot tub is stoked to go. I'm not certain who all is coming but we are going to have a house full.

With any luck, comedy will ensue. I will keep you updated as the evening progresses, so check back in.

Damn, I really wish you could be here.


  1. Wish I could be there, enjoy yourself and have a grand time!

  2. I keep checking back for updates with incriminating photos.

    Imagine my disappointment!

  3. Damn, me too. 102 beers, how ever will you get rid of all that?

  4. You're better off this way...honest. I'd just bitch about how cold the Rust Belt is and yak all over your shoes and couch, 'cause I can't hold my liquor no more.

  5. I hope it's a great time and nobody pees in the hot tub!

  6. Just checking back in to see how... Holy shit that is a lot of empties laying in the yard!

    Wait! Is that a swimsuit in the tree?

  7. Photos are on FB...but I'll put some here too!



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