Sunday, March 08, 2009

An Important Message From The Editor

**Editor's Note** The Editor and staff at Social Zymurgy; the culture of beer, would like to publish a statement regarding so-called "binge drinking". It has come to our attention that some people out there have been engaging in "binge drinking" to the detriment of their health, wealth, and good moral character. This has got to stop.

America needs upright, hard working, and sober citizens now more than ever before to deliver us from our economic woes and guide us into the bright and glorious future that we now stand on the cusp of. The world at large looks to us as a beacon of freedom, guidance, and competent sober thought. Now is not the time to bemoan your hardships and pour copious amounts of booze down your gullet in the vain hope that it will lift you from the troubles you find yourself mired in. Now is the time to put down your frivolous bohemian pursuits and seek out your fellow man and lend a hand.

Besides, the Editor and staff at Social Zymurgy; the culture of beer, don't like to use the unpleasant term "binge drinking".

We prefer to think of it as "immersion therapy".



  1. That wasn't very nice of you to take that picture of Flannery after immersing.

  2. My next door neighbour is immersed on a constant basis...

  3. I was starting to worry that you were serious.


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