Sunday, March 15, 2009

Quick Jokes To Tell At The Water Cooler On Monday, or, "Are You Feeling Kinky?"

A woman is sitting in a bar and she is very depressed. A man comes in and sits down next to her. He is very depressed and earnestly starts to drink. They strike up a conversation and she tells him that her husband left her because she was too kinky for him. "That's why my wife left me," he confides. She suggests that since they have so much in common that they should go to her place and see what happens. "Sure!" he agrees. They go to her place and she heads to her bedroom so that she can "put on something more comfortable..." She puts on the shoes seen above with a short black leather skirt. She puts on a rubber top with the nipples cut out and a leather mask with a zipper over the mouth. She grabs her riding crop and heads out to meet her date. As she enters the living room he is pulling on his jacket and reaching for the doorknob. "Where are you going?" she asks increduliously, "I thought we were going to get kinky?" He smiles, "I fucked your dog and shit in your handbag. I'm outta here..."

Tell this over morning coffee. It will be a big hit.


  1. I told this to the checkout line at the store!

    I am not welcome there anymore...

  2. This'll go over great next Sunday at the church coffee...

  3. "I fucked your dog and shit in your handbag. I'm outta here..."

    Whoa, that guy must be the CEO of AIG.

  4. Brilliant! NOW you're ready for the Ball....

  5. LOL ohhhhh Doc!

    I was looking at those shoes.....I would be so pissed off after all those buckles, it would be some kick ass sex.



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